Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Ronie Midfew Arts

I take back that Paul Scheer has an iron fist under his velvet glove - it looks like THESE guys are the iron fists. Even while writing this, one fears a cease and desist order...

Looks like this plot is deep enough to warrant ARG-status after all, if you consider that poor Paul is facing off against an evil art crew against his publishing of LOST works. Their website promises that the August 15th event will not happen. Most interestingly of all, the name Ronie Midfew Arts can be rearranged to say Widmore Fine Arts!!! We have an alternatey reality linky. All LOST-media eyes are now on Damon, Carlton and a Polarbear - there's a sentence you never thought you'd say.

God's speed Paul Scheer, take down those intriguingly titled art elitists! And while we're at it - what does "15 will be lost - the 16th will be found" mean?
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