Monday, August 17, 2009


Wanted to take a little time to gather up info from the events of last night - apparently it was quite chaotic to find out clues and what not. Anyway, the event was in the nightclub which carried on like an ordinary night by accounts, though had a number of cool Lost touches to it. For instance, the Black Rock artwork was on the wall, there was a mock Swan hatch, a DHARMA logo. Twitter Hollywood Bob gives good coverage, and LostARGs have some good images.

Anyway, who else was there but little Sterling Beaumon, who played young Ben Linus. He announced a new website called

Go there and you see a piece of artwork. The first of many - turns out our 'clues' are artworks in commemoration of Lost. 200 of each print will be made available to purchase as a way of giving to the fans. $50 each giving.

Update - BPM magazine have some good pics from yesterday's event. Furthermore, as many of you have said - the art is now on sale so snap it up while you can!
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