Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The Beard Is Weird

A strange side-note to this new ARG - what's going on with the weird beard trend? First off, we saw some hierogylphs on the advert for Mysteries Of The Universe, which roughly translated as "Who is the leader?"

Then we saw during the Mysteries Of The Universe Segment 1 video a reference to the original and legendary WAKY radio station, which ran from the 50s to the 70s.

On a tribute website to the original WAKY, there's images about Weird Beard, one of their famed DJs. One of the images shows a pledge card, as part of WB's 'rebellion' promotion for his show, that says "The Weird Beard is my leader". There's also an image of a DJ by the name of John Locke floating around.

Finally, Paul Scheer's blog recently ran a segment entitled "beardo or weirdo", judging the beards on characters on LOST.

So what's going on here? The WAKY site may have been recently updated, but archive.org tells me that those images have been there on that site for YEARS. So the John Locke thing is a mere coincidence, and from their end so is the weird beard thing. So is all this a big coincidence, or is someone TPTB-related using this old time WAKY stuff to just mess with the heads of the die-hard investigators among our community? Or could something important later show up? Seems like this little mystery won't be answered anytime soon though.
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