Thursday, August 13, 2009

Reading Between The Lines

Paul Scheer was again active today - blogging some thoughts on Richard Alpert and also making a cameo on DocArzt's podcast to answer some questions. He mostly reiterates what we know, though clues that his new works on August 15th will be published on a new site. DocArzt comes up with an interesting theory that the paintings might be rattling Ronie Midfew's cage because of their content... they may in fact be inadvertently prophetic paintings of Season 6. A neat theory, and it would give a little verisimilitude to our current tale, explaining why Midfew Arts are gunning for Paul Scheer over copyright specifically and not the legion of other Lost fansites.

Separately, Howey Davenport of TV Overmind sat down with Paul and asked some questions... again nothing solid clue wise, just some snappy one-liners which I nevertheless enjoyed.

It seems though, particularly with the Alpert blog, that Scheer has been given poetic license to blog about what he wants, while also probably issuing real ARG-style clues when necessary. In that sense, I'd picturing him as a Speaker-like figure - i.e. not all his posts are going to be clues we have to analyze... there'll be jokey ones with general chat about Lost too. I'm not complaining and am looking forward to these posts, but think it's important for all his readers to understand this - I've seen people presently analyzing the Alpert blog for clues and leads... and I fear the contagious apophenia that ARGs always bring is inherent to Paul's site. We need to be analytical, but also know when a comedian is just joking around!
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