Saturday, March 31, 2007

Episode Blog - Expose

(mumble) Damn E ecoute thingy, stupid computers... (mumble).

Oh, hello, and welcome to another fun-packed blog. This week its Expose (hereby without the French character at the end says I). Ah, Nikki and Paulo flashback, finally, but before reviewing I wanted to share some info I read online. In an interview, Mr Lindelof was saying about the characters, and how fans didn't like them. He said that instead of dropping them like they never happened ala Cougar from 24 Season 2 (I watch the show but who do they mean?), they wanted to write the characters out properly and give them a story to tell. So looks like no quick unburial after all, sigh. But I actually take issue with what they said. I mean, I didn't like how Paulo and Nikki just appeared, but I never called for their immediate deaths or removal from the show. And I actually thought their disappearance was reasonably explained, as you wouldn't be that sociable if you were sitting on an 8 million dollar secret, until you realize rescue isn't coming.

Anyway to the episode itself, and before I begin I warn that I'm doing this week's blog off memory and cue dependent recall from the Expose Lostpedia article, cause I can't watch the ep making usual notes this week. But anywho, my first point of call is the flashback. The on-island ones I obviously enjoyed immensely, particularly scenes I'll shortly get to, but the off-island ones were pretty usual dross. What was with that Corvette razzle-dazzle thing?! I liked the airport scene though with Shannon and Boone. And before you think it, I disagree that this was the scene outing Boone as gay/bi. For those of you still unawares of this, apparently the writers hinted someone would be revealed as gay in this episode. After Shannon's comment to Boone about flirting with random guys, people naturally assumed it was Boone. However, I think its a bit of a step too far myself, as we know he got it together with Shannon, as well as had a girlfriend named Nicole. Bit of a long-short unfounded theory I think just yet, Shannon was just being insultful Shannon.

Moving on, that matryoshka doll idea I thought was very intelligent, with the numerous layers similar to the episode itself. Also was quite nostalgic as I remember my sister owning one as a kid, I can remember it perfectly, even the strong wood smell - weird when memories are like that huh. I digress, I loved that redone beach scene. I was intrigued though why Paulo was staring at the sky like that. It seemed really deliberate, almost like he had seen what caused the plane to crash or something - it couldn't have just been a random fear reaction in my opinion. I also liked the flashbacks and how Arzt was given more of a role - though the whole insect lab thing was a bit too convenient for my liking (wouldn't they have all died in those jars by now?). The explanation of how Shannon knew Jack had a case of guns was also quite clever, explaining a minor continuity error from Season 1.

Now to the plane thing, I quite liked that Nikki and Paulo were actually the first to see it, but it was a bit dumb that it was supposedly days walk away for Eko and Locke, yet no sweat for Paulo and Nikki. The comment by Ben as well "Tell Tom to cover the hatch with the plane" or words to that effect, why did the writers leave that useless line in, as we know Boone will knock it down in reality, it seemed like a silly deliberate line. And why had Tom been down there days earlier according to Juliet - to also watch Jack I assume. I liked how that was why they studied the survivors, but a couple of question marks remained - like why didn't they still take them in The Hunting Party when the opportunity was there. Or why did Ben and Juliet go down there for like a minute (were they just passing and saw the open door, so decided to quickly check the monitor? If so, where were they headed?).

Another scary that episode was Ethan's return. How creepy was his comment of going out with the pair to look for clothes. Does this imply either of the two were worthy of being on the list, or was Ethan poking for an opportunity to slyly quiz them to see if they were potential for such.

Realtime events now, and Sun finding out the truth I thought was pretty good, and made sense as they all did think it was the Others, frightening them when in fact they seem to have little interest in crossing the line against the Losties. Sun joined the vastly growing "We hit Sawyer" list, however, which can only increase in its membership as the season progresses. In addition, gotta love that dramatic device of what Nikki said - I already knew about the paralysis thing, but my sis didn't, and she really enjoyed the final twist and figuring out what she'd said. It was all very whodunit, which being a closet Jessica Fletcher fan, I thoroughly enjoyed. I must admit though, I had initially played down the premise - a paralysis spider - seemed a bit tacky for Lost, but in actuality I think it played out pretty OK.

A final thought? I've seen next week's trailer - roll on the cat fight!

P.S. I thought the new species comment by Arzt was VERY relevant, but let's not get ahead of ourselves just yet thinking there was a new evolutionary branch on the Island, explaining the four-toed statue lol.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Episode Blog - The Man from Tallahassee

Aha another episode blog - I've blogged wayyy too much this week, next week I'll definitely let someone else take over. So, diving right in, and what an odd episode, the ending of which just blows ya mind...

So, as is often the case, let's gloss over flashbacks quickly, and the story of Locke and his chair. Not really a revelation episode, more just a little bit of predictable narrative, but still a very well-written arc. Locke is in depression after Helen left him (by the way a very good opening reveal there that he's not in the chair yet - one of the best this Season IMO). The only thing I wanna raise here is issues about Cooper's room being higher than eight storeys, which in my eyes is classed as goof, not some conspiracy.

To the good stuff, and let's start with Rousseau and fan fave, Alex. So apparently she believes her mother to be dead - does she know her mother to be Danielle though? And does she think Danielle died from the sickness? Does Ben even think she's dead, you never know! Also Alex apparently hates Ben cause he manipulates people. This I'm guessing stems from him disapproving of her relationship with Karl, but also could be generally him manipulating her into staying at the Barracks etc when she may want to leave, and so in rebellion she could have helped Claire escape, etc (she may also hate Ben's approach to kidnapping, particularly with Claire and Aaron).

Moving onto Kate and Jack, I first have to point out one insignificant scene which I, once a Media Studies student, very much liked. The bit with Kate creeping up to the suburban house with her rifle, the clothes line buffing the shot in the foreground - very clever, and how the whole Barracks imitates flashback and its contrast to other Island locations - wow I'm such a movie nerd commenting on camera movements.... Anywayz, I found Kate and Jack's later conversation interesting. It seemed like Jack knew other things about the Others, but like Mikhail he seemed to almost say that Kate couldn't understand the ideology for some reason (even though he himself wasn't on "the list" of peeps who could understand). I got the impression that Jack had to kind of change his story, putting it into a context Kate could possibly comprehend - i.e. they'll let me leave the Island. Which makes me think - what else does Jack know? Also a minor point, why is Tom so mr friendly with Jack, as well as Kate. I felt some tension there when he said "I didn't expect to see you again so soon, Kate". What does he mean by that?! And why is he trying to be their pal all of a sudden?

Now to the main section - Ben and Locke. Ben was willing to let the sub go to keep Jack (probably to help fix him), as well as Juliet too (possibly some old flame issues there?). Anyway, what got me thinking was Ben's genuine excitement (well as genuine as acting goes) about his paralysis. It made me think, maybe Ben is a scientist after all, he knows a lot about the Island, he studies it, but he still doesn't necessarily understand WHY or HOW it heals, only studying its effects. Then I thought, does being born on the Island have some affect? Maybe that's why Ben took Alex, also born there, and why Alex helped Claire as Aaron would have been Ben's new pet project. But then what does Island natural have to do with anything?

The one thing that annoyed me was Locke, as per usual, talking about how him and the Island are like that. It is irritating when he's been there for two minutes and seems to be giving lectures on the subject, even if he's got a connection with it like Ben says. Now to that ending, and oh look Mr. Excess Eyeliner makes his reappearance as Ben's right hand man. And then Mr Cooper - is it the real deal, or a Yemi thing? If it is real, did they get him pre-crash for some other reason, or before the Swan implosion did Ben order his capture by submarine? And if thats the case, why are they so interesting in messing with Locke's head?

Please tell me he didn't come out of a literal box!

Theorising Responses

Last Sunday I went on a royal rant about some of the focus possibilities for Lost Season 4. Since then, I've had a couple of comments, particularly about other possible focuses, and I wanted to have a stab at trying to explain how they could link in with Island history. Unlike DHARMA and the Others, however, this area is MUCH more hazey, and can easily get philosophical. I'll try to avoid that...

First point of call is the Monster, which let's be honest much be the Cerberus System. Obviously related to DHARMA somehow, as it was noted on the Blast Door Map as a security feature that malfunctioned. My guess is that it played part of the purge, and so was used by DHARMA to kick Hostile butt. However, I think from the blast door that "the incident" made it malfunction. Assuming the incident is a leak of electromagnetism, similar to the Swan discharge thing, then it could have fried electrical functioning of the Cerberus machine. Consequently, its on the rampage out of control. Its a simplistic view on why it attacks some, not others, others the second time it sees them - it could just simply be a computer program which occassionally crashes, and reverts to kill mode. Why was the Monster made though? Well, if the Others had sickness power (as mentioned in my last blog), an electronic security system could engage them without fear of bio warfare???

Second and lastly, how does the statue fit into all this? The producers say it predates DHARMA, and from the latest ep its obviously some Others were recruited after they nicked the sub, some of them were there before DHARMA. I'm now as a result leaning on the idea that the original Others group built the statue. Some kind of advanced race? Who knows, but I think they probably enjoyed the Island healing superpowers and electromagnetic properties before DHARMA arrived. But was the statue a Rhodes sort of deal? I really have no theory there, but what I think is interesting is that it might not be a human foot - da da dahhhh! Maybe its supposed to be the Island? I mean dead Yemi appeared to Eko, maybe someone appeared to the Hostiles pre-DHARMA, so they made a statue in its image. I dunno if the Island would appear as a sandal though.

Anyway, I expect Marik will blog on the latest killer episode soon, typically I take two eps and then the one I lose is an immense rollercoaster of events.

N.B. I just got a message from Marik, and unfortunately busy schedules mean he's unavailable. So sit tight, looks like I get to add my thoughts on this week's ep after all.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Theorising Season 4 et al

I was chatting with fellow SysOp Santa today (not all about Lost, we do actually have normal conversation occassionally), but we got to speaking about Season focus. We all know Season 1 was about building characters and introducing the hatch. Season 2 then gave us the "what's inside" and DHARMA stuff, with Season 3 then orientating on the Others in more emphasis. The writers themselves have talked about how each Season focuses on a different mystery arc in greater emphasis, and how each Season is always different in style. So we got to thinking, now that S3 is well underway, what do we think Season 4 will focus on. I'd love to see comments with other peoples' opinions, but here's my idea thinking about the show's progression. Prepare for a major rant...

To me, the natural progression is going back one step further in time. S1 was about the present, Flight 815. S2 then kind of headed back to the late 20th Century, with DHARMA's stations. S3, although very much about DHARMA too, has really stuck to the Others (apparently on the Island before DHARMA says Mikhail). So, I personally think we'll be heading to the days of the statue, predating possibly even the Others. Our focus right now is really on why did DHARMA and indeed the Others like this Island so much. It must be to do with its healing powers (Others), ability to be invisible from the outside world (DHARMA dodgy experiments). However, I think S4 will kind of change the focal point to WHY is the Island like this, as opposed to why these groups like these things (if that makes sense). I'll bet S3 finale hints at why the Island is how it is, but it won't be until Season 4 that we learn some how's and why's, rather than the consequently-s.

My other big thing in relation to this was that I'm thinking the Others predate DHARMA, but not in the sense of by hundreds of statue construction years. I don't get the real vibe that they lived on the Island in primitiveness before stealing DHARMA's barracks and killing them all with their secret weapon sickness (Danielle:"It was them. They were the carriers" - ending the purge pretty well, guns and sonic barriers are all well and good, but bio warfare helps too). To me, they seem very late 19th Century at the earliest on the Island, likely more around WWII arrivals. This made me look back at some of the things that have crashed on the Island, which made me get to a rather interesting, if slightly unlikely theory. The Others came over on the Black Rock as slaves. This would be incredibly deep in the ideology if it was so, as the Lost Experience told us that Magnus Hanso owned the boat (relation to Alvar there, head of Hanso, financer of DHARMA? Possible grandad). That would be good if the Others met DHARMA, realised their financer was the blood relative of their old capturer - tension ensues. Then again, DHARMA's destruction of a lot of the Island and trying to use them for study might have annoyed em too.

The whole Magnus thing was definitely an interesting area. It probably explains how DHARMA came to the Island. The Sri Lanka vid said that the Island's location is only known to Alvar, the DeGroots, and a few high rankers. Did Alvar find the Island by surrendippity? Maybe he was searching for the remains of Magnus, possibly to satisfy his father (daddy issues, anybody), or maybe the Black Rock had gold onboard he wanted. Anywayz, stumbles on the Island! Discovers all its amazing healing and invisibleness. So when he starts up DHARMA and needs a nice hidden joint to test his Valenzetti Equation, the Lost Island is the perfect place.

Any of this sound plausible? More crazy outlets for the Lost theories that weave in my head. My next research is gonna be on those numbers - I suddenly had an idea of what they might mean / refer to (other than ambiguous core values of the V. equation)? Will I make some famous breakthrough - 99.99% chances of a no, but if there's one thing you learn from TLE, it can actually be quite interesting trying. So, as I said, please post theories for me to read, and try to make em more continuous prose-y than mine :-)


Friday, March 16, 2007

Episode Blog - Par Avion

Once again yours truly manages to bag himself the blog for a damn above average episode of Lost :-) I'll probably lose my rights for next week's, which is slightly disappointing cause, even though I haven't seen any previews, I can imagine it'll be fantastic. But back to the here and now, and this episode certainly had its share of "waw" and "bloody hell" (by now you gather I'm English). However, my one gripe with this episode was the usual "I'm psychic Desmond" - cause I still don't know what to make of it all yet, and all I can say is there better be a damn good realist explanation!

So kicking things off, my first point of interest this episode was Locke's increasingly weird mentality. He dissed Sayid's map as unreliability, when he's going off of a dead man's stick?! His faith in the Island is bordering on idiotic now. And then what he did to Mikhail... he's lost the plot I tellz ya, stealing C-4 and all. I did love a theory on Lostpedia though that his true motives to coming on the rescue mission are that he wishes to join the Others. He sees them as part of the Island and he wants to embrace it and become one with it in a very freakish Locke-esque kinda way.

Speaking of Mikhail and such, his information was really interesting, and I do quite enjoy the fact that he was the first one to give very plausible and real answers to some of the mysteries of the show. WHY DID HE HAVE TO DIE!!! Ahem... so yeah, he and all the Others were recruited and brought over on the sub. Which kinda confused me as they apparently only stole it from DHARMA, and considering they were meant to be on the Island long before the Initiative, that would mean that they never had a way of leaving/returning to the Island until the sonar beacon was added. That got me thinking about a hierarchy, with those predating DHARMA possibly held in higher regard as the original team before the sub allowed access to recruitment. But when they said a man recruited him, does that make Him Mr. Wayyyy-too-much-eyeliner Alpert, who recruited Juliet???? Then about that list, interesting that its those who understand the Others' ideology, throwing out naturist theories on DNA and viral stuff. In part also explains the children angle, tabula rasa means they can be moulded to conform to the Others' apparently very specific viewpoint. See I think I'm mixing these theories together rather well, even if I do say so myself. Oh and Ben isn't Him after all then, I knew it! I told you so to all of you who said I was naive for thinking there was someone above him :-p

Now to that barrier thingy. Questions that ran through my mind were many, but my main one was why would DHARMA need one? Evidently to keep out evil Hostiles, the purge was obviously a brutal war. Also, how do the Others' leave? Do they turn it off for a mo so they can pass through? Personally, my money is on underground access. Sayid's map seemed to show a lot of tunnel lines going through the barrier, similar to vent points. By the way, I've spoken to some other fans just to confirm it wasn't only me, but didn't that shot of Kate climbing the log look a little... er.... you know. Especially with Locke and Sayid either side at the bottom. I haven't seen such suggestion since the first Alien film! Very crude, Mr. Director.

I appear to have missed supposedly the main revelation this episode - Jack and Claire being half siblings - but to be honest, I didn't so much bat an Alpert eyelid. We all knew this one was coming, right? The shocker lacked punch, mainly cause ABC keep releasing guest star lists early so I knew Christian would be in her flashbacks - and I could from there easily fill in the blanks.

Now to the corny ending where Claire's plan came to fruition. Not even a bad plan actually, but typical dramatic effect reading the letter. But then! A much, much better ending happened. I sat watching pretty much as shocked as Kate was at Jack and Tom playing ball. It was brilliant to see them so close to the Others' home. I never imagined we'd get so far so early into the Season (actually though we're on 12, but it feels a lot less cause of the minibreak and stuff). Has Jack been turned? Was he just let out for the moment and was letting off steam? Does he understand the Others' ideology or was he brainwashed Room 23 style? And what does Sayid and co. plan to do now - waltz on in at sundown?

We'll see.

P.S. Looks like I forgot to add one little detail about Mikhail and Locke. Now I know that "the John Locke I know is para..." was an ace comment, but I wanna point out I think its overstated. I've seen a lot of "how does he know Locke more but not the other two, is Locke an Other then?" comments, and I personally think it was just a dramatic effect line. Mikhail is playing Locke with the statement, and he succeeds in manipulating him by making him throw him to the barriers. Very much like Ben, Mikhail could twist John easily. Reminded me of Further Instructions where the police kid said Locke was analysed to be an easy mark.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Episode Blog - Enter 77

Well after taking a couple of episodes out, I knew I had to swipe the blog for this one. We'd been anticipating it for weeks, ever since that pic of the Flame logo emerged, and I gotta say I think it delivered. This episode actually answered a few questions as well as making them for the first time this year!

As with all Season 3 I feel like flashbacks are on the back-burner to realtime plot development, but I did really enjoy this one. Of course, the thing that got me and probably many others was the end - whether or not Sayid did actually torture the woman. Did he lie and then admit cause he thought he was dea anyway, or did he simply lie and say he did it to let the woman move on with her life. I'd like to believe the latter, but either is possible. Its one of those things I don't think will ever be answered, and in a way that's why I like some of the Lost storylines (reminiscent of Every Man For Himself whether or not Sawyer actually willingly let himself be conned by Cassidy to make her feel better).

So, to the main island, let's get the comic relief beach scenes out the way, I loved Sawyer's involvement here, asking who Nikki was possibly a shout-out to fans. Also, is it just me or is he more nickname-y than ever? Last episode I felt like every line he was using a pop culture reference. Maybe the writers missed his wit against Hurley/Charlie so much they're using it overtime now?

Anyway, to the main reason we're all here... the Flame station! The whole thing was sheer excitement. I firstly noted the usual Rousseau "I have never been here before" - 16 years and she knows nothing about the Island apart from where her team actually went before she killed em, whereas two months down the line, the Lostaways have themselves seen nearly all the DHARMA stations (or so I'm assuming...) . But interesting she tries to avoid confrontation, explains in part how she knew the Others controlled the radio tower yet had never seen them - she wanted to avoid them.

Now to Mr.Patch - his information was very interesting before we realise he's an Other. So DHARMA came to the Island at which point the Others were still actually there. DHARMA and the Others for some reason waged war on each other (maybe cause of kidnappings?), resulting in DHARMA trying to "purge" the Others, presumably from the Island. The Others evidently responded and defeated DHARMA, killing them all we can guess. Possibly the incident, possibly the sickness, possibly both mean the same thing. The submarine was also an interesting bit of information, looks like that whole Galaga thing is coming to fruition.

Next thing I gotta discuss is that chess computer. Locke was perhaps the single most annoying person this episode - yes lets leave the tied up Other on the ground to escape cause who can resist a game of old fashioned chess. I loved the unexpected video though when he won and the "Mainland communication" thing - took me by major surprise. I couldn't help thinking (after learning about 77 and everything) why was the Flame so important to DHARMA? They rigged it to explode if it was breached. Why didn't they do that with the Swan or something, surely a more valuable commodity. The Flame was just comms to the outside world, which we're supposed to gather the Others already have anyway before the sky turned purple..... unless the Flame was their way before the sky turned purple...... oohh that was good. So maybe DHARMA wanted to prevent the Others calling out to Mittelos or something... officially copyrighting this theory here and now! Final point of this section, isn't the radio tower obsolete if the Flame can broadcast for thousands of miles? Unless the tower can broadcast the numbers even further out i.e. to the entire world to show that the "one true way" has changed etc.

Miss Klugh returns! She didn't seem very surprised to see Kate alive and well away from the Others, but then again she didn't exactly show much emotion at all. Then of course my head spun as Mikhail shot her - was she sick/dying, would the Others have killed her for some reason should she have returned? I haven't seen a Russian audio translation yet, but I would damn like to know what she said, bet its not a real answer, however. I expect Mikhail will explain more in future eps - he seems quite gobby about DHARMA and such (makes a change huh!). The fact that he gave answers really made me think "wow we might actually get this now".

Lastly, the barracks is the one thing left to address. I would guess this is where the Others are obviously, but it seems a bit close to the Flame. Blast Door Map wise as well as A Tale Of Two Cities shot would suggest the Others live near the North / The Arrow. This is really far from the Flame - but I guess this is me being trivial. My main theorising thing though is, if DHARMA made the barracks and then the Others took over them to live there - where did they live previously??? Did the arrival of DHARMA spark them to move out of the caves as it were, or did they move to the Island permanently inside of occassionally visiting it from the outside world (a theory which I quite like - they never lived on the Island 24/7, but it was theirs, and when DHARMA arrived, they took full claim over it again). I dunno, I'm clutching at straws, but its all very interesting, and I can't wait for more Mikhail spilling the bean scenes.

Final thought: This ep to me proves that the Island is important for something, important enough for DHARMA to wage war to take it from the Others. If it was just a research lab they could have any top secret Island, but something about this one made them willing to resort to any means, including purging (possibly with a virus? Or possibly the Others were willing to use one on DHARMA). Both sides seemed to fight for something, is the Island itself the key to the Valenzetti Equation??? I luck forward to reading Lostpedia theories...

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Episode Blog - Tricia Tanaka Is Dead

Well, after watching this episode, it was a doozy. I greatly enjoyed the episode, as it was a break from the hard-charging, fast paced, LOST that we all know and love. It helped us with dealing from the heart-break that we felt over the past few weeks, such as Jack being left behind (although, for most of you, that was a relief ;)) and the saga that is Sawyer and Kate and Alex and Karl. The episode at several places made me laugh out loud, and at some places made me want to start a slow clap. There was a flurry of new Sawyer nicknames, which we all enjoy. And of course, it was a Hurley flashback, which always provides us with comic relief that is the great teddy bear Hurley. With that said, on with the review...

First off, lets go with the flashback. We finally met Hurley's father (which, since reading Lostpedia every day, I knew that it was Cheech). First off, I believed that he was a good father to his kid. He helped him with the car! But then, just like all of the other fathers (Christian and Wayne, case in point), he does something that screws his kid over. "I've gotta go to Vegas". (the Holy Grail to gambling, hookers, and booze) We can only imagine what he was doing there. Work. Riiiiiiiight... And he gave little Hurley a candy bar (A Glacier bar, not Apollo, for those who missed it), only paving the way to what we know now as Hurley. On a side not, young Hurley's 'fro was beautifully done. Just throwing that out there. In the next flashback, we finally learn what happened to Mr. Cluck's. After Hurley bought out, the whole place imploded. Tricia Tanaka (An undubious reference to Tricia Takanawa of Family Guy) was imploded by the meteor, hence the title. I thought that he CGI guys did a great job at the point of impact. We all knew that the meteor was fake, but hey, it looked decent. Of course Lostpedia has the great screencaps of the strike. Since I am such a sick person, I laughed when Ms. Tanaka met her untimely demise. I didn't like her. She was mean to Hurley. Well, after that, David came back in to Hurley's life. Like we all didn't know that from the start that he was there for the money. As my homie Kanye West would say, "He's a gold digga!" hen came maybe the best lines in Lost history: "It's been 17 years. I have needs. NO NO NO NO NO!" I laughed so hard at that part. Even more than when Tanaka died. Adam Horowitz is a brilliant writer (which is why he got his multi-million dollar contract). The next scene was even greater. Just the opening banter between Hurley and David Reyes was great. "Your mom's a very... passionate woman. That's disgusting." The psychic scene was better. The way she predicted all of Hurley's misfortunes, we all knew she wasn't for real (just like Richard Malkin). Then she asks Hurley to take off his clothes. (Come on ladies, I know that all of you were just dying to see Hurley naked!) Then came the lol moment: "I'll give you $1,000 right now if you admit that my dad told you say this. The mystic arts are not subject to bribes. How dare you-- '$10,000.' Your dad put me up to it." Pure genius. But then again, when is anything ever written by Adam Horowitz not? ;) The final flashback came right before Hurley was getting ready to go to Australia. Ol' Papa Bear tried to talk him in to giving the money away, but Hurley wanted to find Sam Toomey. He wanted to find him and ask him. As we know, this was not a good decision. He should have stayed and been in LA. But, this is Lost, and that wouldn't happen. So, he got stuck on the Island. Bad choice.

Now, moving on to the main island. The first scene on-island was beautifully crafted. Hugo, talking to his beloved Libby's grave. This was an amazing scene. We genuinely felt Hurley's sadness about all that had happened. He truly misses Libby. And I felt bad for him. It was a great scene overall. But then moping Charlie has to ruin all of the fun. He's really sad, because he is going to die. We all are, Charlie. Get over it. But we aren't all going to die on a deserted island where nobody knows where you are. Once again, as my arch-nemesis Justin Timberlake would say, "Cry me a river." Do it, Charlie! Do it! But then Hurley cheers things up for Charlie. "This is the [part where you say that he is a nutter..." but then Hurley says "I think he's right." Thank you! Confirmation that Charlie will die! Thank yooooou! On another side note, where did the cut on Charlie's chin go? Chalk one up for the bloopers page. And what happened next? Vincent! Vincent finally showed up again! And that's why, kids, we never trust special features on the Season 2 DVD. They are DEUTEROCANON. There is a arm and key in the dog's mouth. Hurley goes on a goose chase (or rather, a dog chase. I crack myself up) thru the jungle. No offense but I was surprised that Hurley could keep up with the dog. Eventually, Vincent leads him to the mystery of the night: the DHARMA van. What the hell is a van doing on an island?! It doesn't make sense! And then happy-go-lucky-good-time-Hurley asks for some help with the van, and what does he get? Nothing. People are pricks. And then Paulo has to be "super-prick" (doo doo doo doo! Super-prick to ruin the entire show!). "I have to get some bananas." OK dude. Go flirt with someone with your stubble. And then he pulls Nikki back by her shorts. Come on man, that's lame. Someone kill him! Por favor! And then Hurley is stuck with Jin. That's an interesting combo... OK, time to get on with the Skate drama. Blah, blah, blah, Little House, blah, blah, blah, we're back. Yay. You know what I call Skate? Stupid subplot that is only there to satisfy "The Notebook" watchers. Or an easier term: crap. I refuse to cover this. And then they come back. Hooray. Everyone is happy. And then Sawyer has to be great with his snappy comebacks. Yay snappy comebacks. I like how he specifically mentions "porno" as something in his stash. Perv. But then, Sawyer finally comes to fix the van. Or, drink beer. I think that that was the entire point. And then we meet gold ol' Roger. Skeletor was wasted. He was on a beer run. I believe that MADD will see this as a point on to why not to drink and drive. And then Kate STILL feels guilty about leaving Jack. The man's got it good now. He gets free food, a lodging, and a hot chick who is actuallly interested in him! He likes it. He just won't admit it. Then the resident genius Hurley gets an idea. And it involves Charlie almost dying! Any mission that involves the words "Charlie" and "die" is good enough for me. They are going to push the van down the hill, to "make their own luck" and "to look Death in the face and say 'Whatever, man'". And the plan almost works. Charlie actually almost dies! Close, but no cigar. I almost cried at the end of the episode. Not because it was a sad ending, but because Charlie didn't die. But when the clutch popped and the 8-track started playing, I started a slow clap. It was a good moment. And then everyone piles in the van, a la "That 70's Show." And everyone was giggling like a little schoolgirl in the van. And then: blah, blah, blah, save Jack, blah, blah, blah, need someone's help. Locke and Sayid apparently got their feelings hurt when Kate didn't ask them to help. So they stalked her. What's with it with people and stalking Kate? And BTW, why didn't the forest burn? Sayid dropped his torch. In my science class, fire + grass= big, big fire. But the end was really cool. Seeing Danielle again chilled my blood. It was great to see her again, and to see how the whole "Save Jack" drama unfolds.

Summary: Sawyer and Kate return to the main island. Whoo. But the real gem of the episode was Hurley. His flashbacks and his humor enlightened the entire episode. And in my opinion, so far, this was the best episode of Season 3 yet. But that is just my humble opinion. And "Shambala" is now my favorite song.

Can't wait to see you guys in the Lostpedia IRC channel, and to challenge you guys in trivia. Until next time, guys, "make your own luck." Later!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Lostpedia mentioned in Rolling Stone

There is a brief article in this week's Rolling Stone about Lost fan forums, and the influence of Lostpedia.

Launched September 22nd, 2005 ("One year to the day since the mysterious crash and disappearance of Oceanic Airlines flight 815 somewhere in the South Pacific.")

This sprawling wiki is the best example of how an online community can compliment a series. Kevin Croy created the site as a way to track Lost's numerous clues and characters. "When [viewers] discover a label on a bottle, or find a subtle reference to a famous scientist," says Croy, "they want to talk about it with other fans." Today, almost 10,000 volunteers edit roughly 2,500 entries on everything from the Dharma Initiative's orientation films to the lockdown procedure of the hatch. And that's just the English-language site - Lostpedia has seven international editions.

The "Mysterious Happenings" section chronicles every polar-bear appearance and supply drop on the island.

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