Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Korean Trivia

After some success with the Paik logo, I decided to branch out and investigate something else which had caught my eye. After walking up the stairs in the office, Sun enters the room to hear Mr. Paik arguing with his employee. She is then announced by the secretary. However, what got me thinking was the fact Paik and the associate's argument was the only time in the whole episode that the Korean wasn't subtitled. Could there be some kind of hidden clue?

Unfortunately, despite being able to do a little written translation using Internet tools, I couldn't possibly translate audio alone. So I went onto a Korean board and got some a little help. So, a huge shout-out to "dreamer" and - an awesome board. I managed to get stuff back but its all a bit fuzzy. Bear in mind this person who translated is a level 9 in listening skills (thats like language grand master) so this is about as good a translation as we're gonna get. Hope you've got Korean characters installed:

I guess two men are not native Koreans.
Their Korean is not perfectly natural, I mean some of the pronunciations is even hard for me, Native KOrean, to catch.
Anyway, here's my guess.

위조된 운송 허가증을 저희가 아직 얻지 못했습니다, 회장님
허가증을a permit card/document
얻지 못했습니다. haven't obtained/got
회장님 chairman/president

**(한세?)재단에서 우리 측에서 장비를 제공하지 않았다고 난리 났다는데
재단에서 from **foundation
우리 측에서 from us
장비를 the equipment
제공하지 않았다고 didn't provide
난리 났다는데 upset/agnry

All I can say to that is wow that's gotta be interesting. Foundation, and then a ? before it where a word couldn't be made out by the translator (maybe cause HANSO is not a word, its a name.....). I don't think we'll ever know what was said precisely, and this is only one translation - I'll check you posted if any more users get back to me. I'm guessing Paik wanted some kind of documentation/permit for his ships or vehicles or something, and the Foundation was supposed to sort it but hadn't. Paik then maybe said about how they also didn't give him equipment and if they didn't provide it he'd get angry?!?! Sorry guys, I'm still trying to string this together.

The plot certainly thickens though.

UPDATE - Got another message from "dreamer". I asked if the question mark before the word Foundation was actually Hanso, hence why he couldn't translate:

yes, probably hanso is the word. since I didn't have any other context I didn't know exactly but I thought what I heard was 'hans?)

As it says in the comments section - looks like TLE is really creeping into the main show.

UPDATE 2 - Seems like I might have got it the wrong way round after all. Here's how "dreamer" interprets the conversation, he actually thinks its Hanso who'll be getting angry:

I should've translated in one sentence.
Sorry that I made you confused.
In Korean, subject are often omitted which makes you very confused.

The first guy says,
We haven't reveived forged shipping documents.
(That's probably why they haven't provided that equipment to Hanso Foundation)

the shouting guy says,
I heard that Hanso Foundation is very upset/mad because WE didn't provide the equipment yet.

They(2 talking guys in the dialogue) are the one who are responsible for providing the equipment and Hanso Foundation is mad at them because these guys didn't keep the appointment properly.

Friday, April 27, 2007

Korean logo - confirms suspicions

As promised I searched looking for a meaning to those symbols. In actuality, it was a lot easier than I thought. First things first, I had to find the symbols, and drew them out as reference. Remember, they were featured in a Sun flashback as she went to see her father.

From there I used a simple online translator and used logic "well it'll probably be Automotive or even Heavy Industries", and the result was promising
Notice the three symbols that came back for Heavy Industries correspond pretty accurately with my initial sketch of the last three symbols of the logo through screencap. Now all that remained was pinning down the first symbol, obviously which I suspected was Paik. Unfortunately, Paik isn't a word, its a name, so the online translator was no good. Instead, I looked for other famous Paik's through Wikipedia. I found Nam June Paik, South Korean-born American artist. His name in Hangul? Notice the first symbol in comparison to the original sketch:

So that's it, the logo is simply Paik Heavy Industries. No big surprise, right? Well actually its bigger than you might think. A "Paik Heavy Industries" aka "Paik Motors" played a role in The Lost Experience as the company that built the Helgus Antonius ship for the Hanso Foundation. It was widely believed to be the same company as owned by Sun's father, but there was no confirmation (the surname Paik is the "Korean Jones", lest we forget Rachel Blake's words). When I heard in the ep Jin's mother refer to the company as "Paik Automotives", I immediately suspected another link, but now these symbols prove it for certain - Paik Heavy Industries from the Lost Experience, the Paik discussed in Bad Twin, it is the company owned by Sun's father.

Nice bit of detective work there :-)

Tattoo revealed

Unfortunately it looks like another potential easter egg has been shot down - after doing a simple IMDB and then Google search on the actress in question I found this picture, showing the tats are from the Matthew Fox school of thought. However, that's not to say that they might not be added to the narrative (as per Jack), but definitely not a blatant easter egg as such I'm afraid. Notice though that rather than "a lame protein molecule" (what a lovely description), the tat is in fact four squares connected by a line, with letters on each one. Looks like RM something something, but then again I don't really wanna pry and find out what it means - that's her business not mine (unless they use the letters to make the name of a flashback character on Lost, etc).

No further news yet on the Korean writing on the Paik logo, though as its written instead of verbal, I might have a better shot googling it later. I'll post my findings if they are interesting.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

D.O.C. - easter eggs and blog

D.O.C. huh, I got an acronym for ya, how about WTH. I mean, what the? Season 2 finale proved the Island was real, and then now it seems like the purgatory theory has just been debunked so much its finally come full-circle! Or did the Others fake another plane crash (unlikely), did the government cover up the disappearance and say "we found the plane" to make the families and press shut up (more likely, but wishful thinking), or are they all just in a wacky 3rd dimension (I pray not, but then again, this Season....)

Sorry about that, but had to first and foremost address that ending. Anyway, hit the easter eggs before moving to the blog. First off, I think a main one the net guys have been after is that Mikhail says Naomi said "thank you". In fact, there's evidence from Portuguese speaking fans that she actually said "I'm not alone". Bit of a lame easter egg though, the second she gets back she can tell em all in English. Next, there's a tattoo of interest on the girl's shoulder. Looks like squares connected by a line? I haven't found anything yet on that, but could be some kind of ancient style (the girl seems pretty cultured, what with the whole being a polyglot and all). Maybe its some kind of pigpen cipher, King Wen sequence or something (there seemed to be some dots/holes on a couple of the squares, consistent with the encryption styles). Next was the Korean writing under the Paik logo, which unfortunately I haven't been able to find any translation of. Probably "automotive" or "Heavy Industries" (seems pretty obvious now its the same as the Paik company mentioned in the Lost Experience). Again, Korean speakers, we need you. Finally, I also noted Mr. Paik's code for the safe. It was 7347__, could be 734724, as in 6803 x 108? Or maybe its just not an easter egg at all....

Now blogging, I'm really just gonna focus on the two main issues - Sun's pregnancy, and Mikhail's reappearance (I don't wanna further speculate about how they're all in purgatory cause it worries me slightly that Lost might just cop out and pull a Dallas on us). Sun's pregnancy - so the conception thing is the key, meaning Juliet's serum was a complete rouse and to do with the implant, good to get that clarified. I find it interesting that the Island is quite gender biased so it would seem, it'll 5 times your sperm count but won't let anything become of it child wise, kind of ironic. I wonder though, does it affect just the humans? Is it something to do with the fact they came to the Island? So like if Alex got pregnant she'd be OK cause she's always been there? Who knows right now, but I think its very intriguing the fact we're getting more to what the Island can do, like heal people fast (by Mikhail's admission).

Speaking of Mikhail, I dunno how or why, but I'm actually quite glad he's alive. He was the only one who actually gave us some friggin answers! Thank god we'll see him again and he can mouth off further. No wonder Ben dumped him in the Flame station, he's a threat to the Other air of mystique. But how did he survive? And why did he run toward the flare presumably when Hurley fired it? Who was he expecting, the coast guard? Would he not be with his team of Others, did Ben order him to investigate the flare? Has he now gone rogue pirate (I'm soo gonna get some angry emails for saying that...)? And what about the satellite phone, I'm guessing he thought he could fix it and communicate - he seems to like his communication job.

Apologies for the incoherence this week folks, I guess it pretty much sums up the episode. And I didn't even mention Sun's lovely flashback - brilliant continuity that Jin worked for Mr. Paik because of her. Have we seen Jin's mother before though? She seemed quite familiar. But why did she want dollars and not Won? I suspect a blooper.

Lastly, the Staff, ah nice reliable DHARMA, the science part, thank god for some realist sanity. I was so hoping for a Staff Orientation film, but the secret room will do for now I guess. Good to clear up that Claire wasn't hallucinating in Maternity Leave. That tape recorder though - why didn't Juliet take her sample of Kate when they drugged her to go to Hydra Island?!?! And what sort of sample is she taking? To see if they are somehow able to have children even on-Island?

I look forward to next week with the vain hope that Naomi might actually explain something. Maybe we'll even one day see her flashback? Is she this gay character the writers have said would appear (rather than one of the existing Losties dropping a bombshell). Definitely an episode full of question marks, and judging by the fact Lostpedia Forum and Chat have been showing record breaking activity these last couple of days, I'm not the only one who thinks so.

Monday, April 23, 2007

3000 articles

On Sunday, we past a great milestone of 3000 articles on Lost within the wiki. A big congratulations to everyone involved!

The 3000th article? An article on Celtic FC, mentioned in the episode Catch-22, created by the user Pholnrat.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Great Lost Experience Video

Hey guys, I was doing a little researching for a Lost Experience article today, and I came across a really cool video seemingly produced by Channel 4 to promote their involvement in the Lost Experience. I dunno if it ever aired on TV, but its a great resource and provides a really clear description of what the game was and how it progressed (for all you visual learners / literary slobs). I'm gonna attempt to embed it, but me and this tech jargon don't mix so much. Anyway, hope you enjoy it, and that it provides a little more interest in TLE articles

Friday, April 20, 2007

Episode Blog - Catch-22

Well there's certainly been a lot of blogging lately about all the new features. I dunno about you, but I prefer the old fashioned episode review, and this week's left me (shocker) confused and/or confuddled. It felt like a bit of a slow episode to me, not so much with the narrative progression (though I admit not every ep has to be). I guess I just miss the Others arc, any what I call sidekick cast ep (i.e. Hurley, Charlie, Jin etc) I always like, but find a bit frustrating cause I wanna know more on DHARMA and stuff.

Anyway, a Desmond flashback, and I was expecting to once more shout with anger at how they portray the British Isles with their roast chestnut stands, but actually this one was pretty OK. I didn't understand some of the stuff Desmond was saying, so thought "wow pretty Scottish then after all", and apart from the monk offering Desmond "a ride" (which I think is a little bit American-y and should have been "lift", but I guess it could be said and I'm being really nitpicky), I was quite impressed with the way it was done. By the way, in case you're wondering why I noticed that one word thing, its because I just wrote down literally what every character said in that episode for the Lostpedia transcript! That's right - I transcribe it for the wiki, review it for the blog, and will later post about it on the forum and chat about it on Lostpedia IRC chat. I need new hobbies. And wasn't that a plug and a half.

So to the ep, and the fundamental question - the Flash or Superman?! Reminded me of an Angel episode when they argued who'd win in a fight between cavemen and astronauts. My money is definitely on Superman personally, though I don't really know anything about the Flash.

In flashback, liked how Desmond took a vow of silence, much like Mr. Eko. I feel they could have related. And it was interesting to learn how Desmond left his future wife. Was it actually a spiritual revelation? Or deep down is Desmond just a coward clutching at psychological straws about divine intervention? Its interesting to divide the realist skepticals and the believers, much like real-life I guess. Wow, deep. I also have had fun reading the theories about Moriah Vineyards. Aside from the huge Biblical reference (which many Lostpedians have gone into immense detail over - I didn't know so many of you guys read the good book?!) - I like the anagram possibilities - specifically "harmed visionary" - very inkeeping. I see DHARMA there too, so maybe there's something else in there of interest? I also looked closely during the scene at Ruth's house, there was a painting there of interest, kinda looked a little like Persephone I thought - anyone with high def please send me a pic of that, as it seemed quite interesting - and you know how we at Lostpedia love background artwork with our tea in the mornings.

How great was that picture of the monk man with Ms. Hawking though? That blows it all right open - did she tell the monk to fire Desmond so he'd end up meeting Penny? Its that whole fate vs. free will thing I guess, but it implied she wasn't just Desmond's imagination when he had that flash after the Swan exploded - she was a real person connected to him.

On the beach, nice to see Kate and Sawyer actually addressing the fact that they slept together rather than avoid the subject forever (please shippers stop uploading the screencaps, we get it, Skaters won OK!). Liked Sawyer's mix tape, a mention of Bernard! Hoorah, so he hasn't diasappeared since Live Together, Die Alone after all! I thought the Monster might have picked him off, he being the last of the Tailie-lords. And, by the way, was Kate actually crying when Sawyer asked? Didn't look like it to me.

What was with the helicopter crash as well? Do all vehicles coming to the Island crash? And the phone - does it not work cause of the discharge or something? And yes it looks like an iPhone lol, and they did have satellite phones in 2004 - not to discredit the different time theory, but how did Hurley recognize it as a satellite phone if its so futuristic? Remember, Penny has a lot of money to afford top quality gear. And then that woman at the end - she sounded British to me, though then again she barely said a word, literally, so I dunno. She could be Portuguese like some have said on account of the Portuguese copy of Catch-22 by Heller (great book by the way, I strongly recommend!). That hula girl doll as well, you reckon that's significant to the girl (who is called Naomi according to ABC press release), or was it just on the chopper dashboard like they have in cars? I quite liked one person's idea - "maybe over the summer they'll be a mini Lost Experience giving specifically Naomi's background" - that'd be really cool, though as long as it doesn't consume one's life like the last internet game did....

Finally, the man of the match award, going to Jin, with his happy march to go camping, and his hilarious ghost story. I desperately need the translation lol, please light up the comments section if you can find it anywhere. Where are all you Korean fans or Korean speaker fans!

And I think that's your lot - not so much in the way of easter eggs this week I don't think... have I missed any? I'll try that painting again, but other than that there was just a hell of a lot of crosses in the background. Be nice to know what page of Catch-22 the bookmark photo was in, but considering only a few words can be seen and hard to make out even in HDTV I guess that ain't gonna happen. Oh well. Looking forward to next week's ep anyway - the trailer looks awesome. I might do a preview blog early next week - as there are a few stills in it which look particularly interesting...

P.S. Was the fact that arrow hit Charlie's Adam's apple at all a reference to Robin Hood times where they hit apples on someone's head? Again, not much of an easter egg.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easter Eggs - Catch-22

We at Lostpedia try to keep a keen eye on the background images, music, and art. In tonight's episode, "Catch-22", we saw a familiar face in a photograph seen on Brother Campbell's desk. You may remember the face in the photo as Ms. Hawking, the older woman that gave Desmond some insight into his flashes in episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes." What does this mean? Was Ms. Hawking involved in guiding Desmond's fate? Tell us what you think.

Anagrams: "Moriah Vineyards" was just begging to get plugged into an anagram finder. is Desmond a "Harmed Visionary"? What is a "Diversionary Ham"? We can also make out the words "DHARMA" and "Hydra" in there. Tell us what you come up with.

The hunt for statistics

While visiting the many varying parts of the world wide web I check from day to day, I began to wonder what statistics are available for wikis, and where Lostpedia lives in the world of wiki. After a small hunt around, I came across Wikistats by S23. Wikistats is a robot tool that pulls the statistics from every wiki it can find.

Obviously, not every site provides all of its stats, and wikis can be measured in many ways (number of articles, contributors, edits per article etc) but the information makes interesting reading.

Did You Know according to S23...
  • Out of all privately owned wikis (rather than those owned by foundations), we're number 10th in the world, beating such luminaries as Mozilla Developer Center, The Valve Developer Center, the TV IV, Memory Alpha, Wookiepedia and the OpenOffice .org wiki?
  • Out of all privately owned wikis we're the 10th most visited and the 20th most edited on the web?
  • We're 26th in amount of images hosted, and still 55th if you throw in the Mediawiki Foundation sites
  • If you count in the number of articles, we're the 135th largest wiki on the web (though on quality of content we must be top!)
  • We are the most popular sci-fi show, and for that matter TV show based wiki on the web.

Any other stats you can find?


Hey there Lost fans. In addition to the aesthetic changes around here we also have a new easier to remember URL.

Visit the blog with

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Easter eggs: paintings and Volvos in One of Us

Lostpedia is always on the prowl for easter eggs, and here we're reporting something that I haven't seen in other Lost fansites yet. There are several paintings in the operating room at Juliet' failed OB-GYN surgery in her island flashback. The two paintings are by American painter Georgia O'Keefe, whose is known for close-up renditions of flowers that resemble the external female reproductive organs, an appropriate theme for Juliet's fertility surgery. The two paintings are O'Keefe's 1919 "Music: Pink and Blue II"1 (left), and 1923 "Grey Line with Black, Blue and Yellow" 2 (right). You can read more in the wiki in the "cultural references" section of our episode summary.

Something we have not been able to identify is the watercolor painting of flowers hanging in Juliet's bedroom with Goodwin. Watch it again and try to ignore Juliet. If you have a clue what this painting is, please drop us a note in the comments here for your eternal fame. Finally, did you notice those photographs of the young Alexandra Rousseau in Ben's office? Somehow I get the feeling we'll see those again.

As you may already know, tracking automobiles featured in Lost is somewhat of an obsession at Lostpedia. The one interesting find was Juliet's car when she drove with her sister to Mittelos' secure airport (right). It's a Volvo. In fact it looks a lot like Sawyer's Volvo S70 from The Long Con back in Season 1 (left). What do you think? Lost's production crew has done this before, especially with the famed Golden Pontiac (featured in Locke, Michael, and Kate's flashbacks), but also with the re-use of Tom Brennan's gray BMW 5-series sedan (1x22 "Born to Run") in Jin's flashback (3x02 "The Glass Ballerina) as Jae Lee's landing pad, but this Volvo isn't used as a stunt vehicle (incurring damage), so we're not sure it's the same, and the window frames may or may not match. Click the automobiles link above to read all about it.


--Ho ho ho

Monday, April 16, 2007

New look for blog

As you may have noticed, the Lostpedia Blog has gone through a bit of a change today to make it look more like the Lostbook skin on the wiki. We've also added links for each blog post so you can submit to digg and If you have ideas or problems, please leave your comments!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Episode Blog - One of Us (Version 1?)

Hey there Lost lovers. Apologies for this blog being so late, I'm actually a little unsure what's going on, as I got a message on Wednesday night from an exasperated Marik saying "I GOT THE BLOG THIS WEEK". Having not seen the episode yet, I wondered what all the fuss was about, but seeing it later I understood. It was by far my favorite episode this Season, and I loved Mitchell and Emerson - two fantastic actors together making some damn good television. Their scenes were excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But anyway, Marik was supposed to blog, but is MIA right now, so I figured I'd do a blog, and then he can do a Version 2 blog if he still wants to comment (and I wouldn't blame him).

But, to the episode, and a fantastic lead with Juliet. I think the biggest compliment I can give is that I didn't know whether to like and feel sorry for her, or hate her for being so two-faced. Guessing thats the idea really. I loved the number of times she asked Ben to go, and from the maybes and the soons, he went to the plain "No".

Let's take the flashback generally, I really liked how Juliet was so innocent at first, and then by the end her final flashback shows how she's been completely corrupted by Ben (unless she's lying to him too?). The 2nd scene was interesting, Herarat Aviation? I like the Her-A-Rat theory foreshadowing Juliet's lies hehe, though somehow I'm more drawn to other ideas.... a good one is an anagram for "Earhart" - the gal who disappeared in the Pacific, good find there Lostpedians. I wondered also what was with the "you're gonna wanna be asleep" thing, not to mention the shackles. It kinda implied the road to the Island is a little bizarre - gives weight to the whole wormhole theory or something - though I'd personally like to think its more the pressure of deep diving (call me the realist).

Relationships also seemed quite big this episode. Sawyer and Kate - who knows where they stand at the moment. And then there was Juliet and Goodwin - surprised that there wasn't any kind of sadness indication from Juliet about that, my money was more on her being with Ethan anyway. Speaking of Ethan, the explanations were pretty good about what he did to Claire, and I liked the whole showing previous episodes to make things clearer - it wrapped the mystery up nicer.

Rivalries also seemed pretty strong this week - Sayid against Jack, not to mention everyone else for that matter. I smell a mutiny coming, especially when Juliet, who Jack told everyone to trust, will betray them. Oh, and about Sayid, what did he do in Basra then? We haven't seen that yet, right? Well I guess that means he's safe from getting killed off at least for the moment! And with Sawyer, how did the Others know about him killing Duckett? Not even the police knew. Even if Mikhail did files on every passenger, how could he possibly know that, unless since boarding the Australian police linked Sawyer to the murder. Guess that gives him something else in common with Kate... wanted fugitives.

Now I gotta cover the pregnancy issue - and relay the one point I've heard from everyone I've spoke to - if all pregnant women die on the Island without Juliet's magic serum, what about Rousseau, and Ben?! Is it the conception thing - Alex was off-island conceived, and I guess its possible Ben was too. Or maybe the whole thing is a recent problem, like since the Incident (circa 1989 according to blast door map). Rousseau arrived circa 1988 so could have just missed it. The incident was an electromagnetism leak, so maybe its the radiation or something? Chill factor though, what's gonna happen to Sun?

Finally, to the implant and the ending. The implant sounds pretty straight forward I guess, simple tactic used by Ben in a long-term plan to infiltrate. I loved the ending though, Juliet amongst them all, she's fooled everyone. Got me thinking about the lies, Juliet lies more than Ben does, well as far as we know. That scene in Ben's house - "you lied to me!" - brilliant! I thought when Ben gave his word "well Ben doesn't lie".... then I remembered the entire of Season 2 lol.

So, with the final episodes on the horizon, what will happen next? Has Locke been made the new Other kid? What is the end game for Juliet's infiltration? Will we see new digs for the Others after they quit the Barracks? Will Jack start thinking with his head a little more maybe?

Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter everybody

Happy Easter to all Lostpedia users. I hope you've all got Lostbook loaded as you will see our little friend the 8 bunny has come to celebrate his favourite time of year with us all!

Keep an eye out for more themed headers soon!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

Episode Blog - Left Behind

After taking four or so weeks off, I'm taking this blog of episode 15: "Left Behind." I thought it to be a bit well, lackluster. It wasn't the greatest episode, but could hold a candle to such episodes as "I Do" or "Every Man for Himself", for example. I'm running on massive amounts of Starbucks coffee to keep up, so forgive me if there are any random babblings in the text. Anyways, on with the review!

First off, the flashback sequences. Kate's in Iowa. But for what? Well, we find out later. She has a bad fan belt in her car. She says her name is "Lucy". Let's see... "Lucy", "Monica", "Joan Hart", what other names are there? But she sees Sawyer's old flame Cassidy running the old jewelry con. Apparently, she's not too good. But Kate helps her out. Why? Because of the graciousness of her heart? No. To avoid the cops. Why else? Everybody is greedy, but Kate shows it at nearly every turn. Trying to get on the raft in S1, now this, and many other examples. Can't she be a "good person"?

But then they get a drink at the local bar. They talk about stuff, mainly Sawyer, when Cassidy mentions that he was "the wrong guy" and as a "bad guy". (Chalk one up for the Good and bad people page! ;)) But ultimately, Cassidy agrees to help Kate out to talk to her mother. Apparently she feels bad for her. But why? Why would you feel bad for a person who you know is a "bad person"? Why would you? I know I wouldn't.

Now, Cassidy does help Kate. She goes up to Diane's house. The agents mistake her and attack her. Six people! Does it take six people to capture one woman? Apparently it does. Now as soon as I heard that Cassidy said that she was just "selling Bibles", it immediately brought up the memories of that old film "Paper Moon." I have watched all of the O'Neill clan's movies, and that was very reminiscent of the scene in the movie.

Then came the diner scene. I had continuous thoughts throughout the scene that "Wouldn't Diane recognize Cassidy???" Maybe she did, and associated it with the Bible saleswoman, but still you would recognize her as a person who might just be up to something. Yet she doesn't recognize the connection. On a side note, what kind of soup was it? We need it to thoroughly analyze before we add it to Lostpedia! I need to know the type of soup!

As Diane heads off for the bathroom, Kate finally comes in to confront her mums. As Monty Python once said, "NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Yet when they did that sketch, we all expected it. And we all expected the meeting between mother and daughter. It was a really heartfelt scene, and I believe that both Beth Broderick and Evangeline did an excellent acting job.

As Kate gets ready to leave, Cassidy reveals to Kate that she is pregnant with the con man's baby, Clementine. I guess that that hereby ends the speculation that Clementine is in fact Sawyer's daughter and not just a counter-con by Cassidy to gold-dig a bit more.

On to the realtime events. We'll start off with the Barracks, the main focus of the episode. Kate is still being held in Tom's game room, complete with pinball tables, pool, and foosball. Why would you spend all of your time sleeping. Me, I'm a pinball nerd, and would be playing on the Cyclone table. Kate grabs a cue stick and is ready to attack. Juliet comes in and Kate totally got pwned. I was wondering if Kate did indeed land on the broken shards of the plate, and was writhing in pain even more than if she just landed straight on concrete. I have hit concrete multiple times (long stories, trust me), and it really doesn't hurt as much as some people make it out to be.

I thought that the Locke-Kate scene was great. Just one thing passed through my mind: "What happended to Locke's arm?" He didn't appear to have a hurt hand in "The Man from Tallahassee", so what happened between then and now? But he "made a case" for her, but apparently it didn't work when they "told him" about ther past. But shouldn't he have known this by now? "Born to Run" was the episode when Kate's true identity was revealed (by Sawyer). Wouldn't it have made sense that he knew this? Apparently, he should.

Then, they just threw a smoke grenade in to Kate's room. To me at the time, it appeared as just random, but as I watched the rest of the episode, it all made sense.

Then Kate woke up in the Jungle. Then came my OMG moment: she was handcuffed to Juliet. But why? Why would they just leave her behind? It didn't make too much sense to me. Then Kate took the knife out of Juliet's pocket. At first, I though that maybe she would try to accost her with the knife. But apparently, she just wanted to get away. Just like usual.

I like how Juliet called how it was going to rain. It brought back old memories of S1 when Locke stated "It's going ot rain in one minute," and then it did. Good job, writers. Then came probably the best moment of the entire episode: CATFIGHT! What male does not love a catfight between two attractive females? Good times. It was too short, though, but Juliet seemed like she got messed up with the shoulder and all. It was really good SFX though, with the shoulder popping noise.

Then, the Monster appeared. I am a huge fan of the Monster. I love the Monster. And it was good that he (she?) was back. I have one question about Smokey though: Why do those bamboo thickets prevent him from attacking people? It stopped them from attacking Michael and co., and now Juliet and Kate. Why? I'm sure that it could easily squeeze through. The creepy white flashes were brilliant though. That is probably how it got Eko's memories and now I believe that it will be used for Juliet's memories. It then leaves.

And then came the monster the next day. They run through the jungle, and then came another great scene for all of the males out there: Kate and Juliet covered in mud. As my pal Borat would say: "Niiiiice. High-five!" They get to the sonic barrier, turned off. Then the monster came after them. The most interesting part was that it came together from three parts. Can someone say Cerberus, the mythical dog of yore? I sure can. Juliet punches in the code, stopping Smokey in its tracks.

Later, Kate and Juliet arrived back at the Barracks, which are now deserted by all of the Others. Everything and everybody is gone. The Others had a nice pad, but they had to move. I think that the merry group of adveturers will lead everyone back to the Barracks to live there, for a period of time.

Then, we are reunited back with Sayid, as they plan to head back to the beach. At least one positive came of all of this: Juliet is going to the beach! Yay!

Then, we go to the beach. Apparently, Sawyer faces a vote of banishment. I wouldn't mind if he got banished. Although, it might make for an unimportant storyline, such as the cougar in 24. Hurley comes and tells him that he will be banished if he doesn't change his selfish ways. He suggests that he makes amends, but Sawyer staunchly refuses. (You like my sophisticated words?)

Later, Hurley tells him to talk to Claire. I love Claire's reaction when Sawyer comes up to her. (Uh... dude? What do you want?) He gives her a blanket, prompting the best line of the episode: "I don't like...blankets." (Yeah. Okay, get outta here.)

Then Desmond and Sawyer went hunting. Sawyer replies that he's got "hearts and minds" to change, a sneaky nod to the old S1 episode. I like how Des has a huge rifle and Sawyer, only a pistol. (See the Bald, Limp Guy (theory) page...) They killed a boar. Whoopee.

And then came the festive pork feast. Everybody got a slice of that boar. But shouldn't there be something like this every time a boar is killed. Des goes out hunting pretty near every day, But it was full of fun times and warm beer, and most importantly, friendship. The basis of life on earth. But do you believe that? ;) I didn't like how Sun kept glaring at Sawyer all evilly and stuff. Even Jin looked mad, and she hasn't told him. As Sun moves farther in to the pregnancy, he attitude goes down the drain.

So who was the one "left behind"? Kate, Juliet, Jack, or some one else? Please contribute your theories and thoughts to Lostpedia. Until "One of Us" airs, Marik out!

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quick Expose Retraction + April Fools

Hey, before the next ep hits the airwaves, thought I'd post this mini retraction about one of my last conspiracy theories. Kind user ruggieri3 set me in my place on the subject of Ben ordering Tom to cover the hatch with the plane. While I could explain what he said, I think I'll just post his explanation lead-into theory. First is my quote, then his response:

Me: "The comment by Ben as well "Tell Tom to cover the hatch with the plane" or words to that effect, why did the writers leave that useless line in, as we know Boone will knock it down in reality, it seemed like a silly deliberate line."

Ruggieri3: During that flashback, Boone had already downed the plane, because Jack and Locke were already in the Hatch (being watched by the Others in the Pearl) it makes sense that Ben would want Tom to put the plane over the pearl hatch since Eko and Locke have to find it there later on.

Also there is speculation that Tom was in the Pearl watching as well as using the computer to communicate to Michael, pretending to be Walt.

It makes sense, since Tom would be able to see Michael alone in the computer room (via the Pearl) and it also tells how the Others knew where to be to catch Michael in the first place.


Now I'm not one to support something definitively, but that really does work. It explains how the Other's attack team were ready for Michael at a moment's notice - they were only camped out a little way away at the Pearl. Very good stuff there, and I'd go as far to say that's one mystery solved - the person Michael communicated with on the computer was quite probably Tom.

Also as a side note, I thought I'd have to mention Lostpedia's April Fools joke. No Matthew Fox is not quitting Lost, but he is quitting smoking. We heard about the interview story and decided to selectively word the news item for April 1st to give y'all a little scare. Hope we didn't give you too much of a heart attack!!!! We're very evil.


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