Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Hold The Phone

Poor Paul Scheer is facing increased heat from the art world in the run up to his Saturday online LOST velvet artwork exhibition. He writes on his blog a transcript of a telephone conversation he had with Alexandra Miller, assistant to Ronie Midfew of Ronie Midfew Arts. Short of "er... your mom!", Paul goes on the nervous offensive and attacks back with memorable LOST quotes, but Ms. Miller (we assume she's a Ms.) doesn't seem to get the references. Maybe she sees LOST and pop culture as low-brow... It's fun that we've chosen our side implicitly, but hey - we're a fansite too! Cease and desist orders are scary and unnecessarily evil... an attack on one is an attack on all of us. Get that reference, Miller!

Anyway, Scheer apologizes for attacking the wrong Alexandra Miller on Facebook, though complains about the threatening harassment HE has been facing from Midfew. Hey, our hero is but human! He also gives us additional clues to his new velvet paintings appearing on Saturday night, specifically that some could even be glow in the dark!! If I was a dragon (not the Ronie Midfew variety), I'd invest... I predict that he's gonna make mucho dinero from these little beauties.

Lastly, Paul wonders about the meaning of Ronie Midfew's tagline about the 15th being Lost and the 16th being found. Hmm... still no solid good theories yet this end.
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