Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Mysteries Of The Universe Segment 2

ABC have released the second part of our "Mysteries of the Universe" videos. Just as a quick recap - we'll be getting five videos about every month up until November from "an 80s TV show that aired on ABC". The show deals in crackpot conspiracy theory, though may hold some interesting truths about the DHARMA Initiative according to Damon Lindelof... It appears that each "segment" is just another part of a single episode of the show on DHARMA. Part 1 gave a brief intro on secret societies, and now part 2 seems to delve more into the mystery surrounding the brand.

Watch the video below, courtesy of ABC (I'm starting to prefer an ABC embed over YouTube, it's only a brief ad beforehand and it supports ARGs getting sponsorship):

EDIT: Scrap that! The embed seems to be awful quality on this occasion:

As with the previous segment, there doesn't necessarily appear to be much we don't know, mostly crackpot conjecture. The references to Phil the Barracks guard and Olivia the schoolteacher are interesting, however. We furthermore learn a little bit more about the DHARMA recruitment process, and it's interesting to see the questions they ask candidates (which, as many of you should remember, are the same questions WE were given when we signed up for the previous DHARMA recruitment project ARG).

Not much in the way of easter eggs as far as I can see, other than some object with the word LOST on it, and the aforementioned shout-out to last year's ARG. We certainly need subsequent segments to reveal facts of more OMG factor, but so far so good... we're slowly getting a better picture of how DHARMA operates.
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