Sunday, August 30, 2009


Well done to all the peeps who worked out that AOTS stands for "Attack of the Show" - a TV show on the G4 channel. DCPB has now been updated with a picture of some legs and the word "DVDuesday". If you go to the Attack of the Show website on the hosts page, the legs pic matches a full image of the show's hosts, confirming this is the place to be.

Then all that remains is figuring out DVDuesday, which again according to the site is a segment on the show on Tuesday where they look at the release of new and old DVDs and decide whether to buy, rent or pass. Now passing over the site, there doesn't appear to be anything of importance, the source code is also a bit empty (minus an IP address at the bottom which looked mildly interesting). So it would appear that the best bit is to tune in to Attack of the Show on Tuesday. I checked out their schedule, and the time to watch is Sept 1st 7pm ET/PT, though they repeat the next day at 1am, 7am and 12pm (by then you could be too late poster wise!). After such research, it would be annoying if the poster was merely hidden on their webpage...

Update - DCPB has updated to confirm - tune in 7pm EST 'Attack of the Show' on G4!
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