Friday, August 28, 2009

Bizarre Barcode

Well with Frame #2 is already sold out, we now have a cryptic clue for Frame #3 on DCPB. Check out the 2D barcode to the right (aztec code, semacode, QR code - whatever the correct name is!). Definitely the first clue to date in this little experience that requires special technology decoding. But then again all you need is a fancy cellular phone to translate.

LostARGs have it as "A-O-T-S". I have an online ENcoder which got a different pic with those letters, but I guess different ways of encoding still get the same result when decoding (if that made sense?). Let us know if any of you have swish phones what you get through snapping it. In the meantime, what's the significance of AOTS....? Please let it be a pitiful attempt at an anagram of OATS... the notion of a brand promotion of DHARMA cereal just makes me smile.
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