Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Paul Scheer

On the surface Paul Scheer is a kind fun-loving fan of LOST who appeared at Comic-Con to give Damon and Carlton his eponymous artwork of themselves with a polarbear. In addition, he plugged his website damoncarltonandapolarbear.com - where for the most part he appeared to be posting about various LOST topics (including recently plugging us here at Lostpedia regarding our translation of Rousseau's map). Thus, while I was keeping an eye on this guy and his blogging, I wasn't sure whether there was an immediate need to post about him in a blog.

Until yesterday that is. Apparently our cute comedian with a love of velvet has an iron fist underneath it, and is determined to get us some LOST scoops. After finding out that Damon and Carlton trashed his artwork, Paul infiltrates ABC studios and finds an interesting piece of information in the garbage - the purported title to LOST 6x01 and 6x02. Along the way, he unwittingly bumps into some familiar faces, canonizing the whole thing in one swift motion.

Check out the video below, watch yourself if you don't want to know the possible titles for the Season 6 opener:

So what's the deal with this guy? Well his website is owned by ABC Inc for a start (shh!) This is the first time though we've had an ARG-like experience where there's no hint of a fourth wall apart from who's really making his videos, of course. Taking this together with Lost University and Mysteries Of The Universe, it seems the most prudent thing is to ditch the description ARG altogether this year - everything that's happening now can only be described as plain 'viral marketing'. There is a difference, but only slight, and some would say a lesser meaning. We may not see great revelations other than promotional tidbits from Paul Scheer, but what is clear is that it's time we take this joker a little more seriously.

He apparently begins showcasing his 'other LOST works' on August 15th - keep an eye out!
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