Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Locke on Frame #2

I got my timezones mixed up again, so mucho apologies that this post is rather late - don't shoot me if you wanted a really early issue number for frame 2! Anyway, so a good few Lost fans went to Boston today, and some (only 8 apparently) got hold of a beautiful skateboard, which on the back had the name of a website

Go there and you see a very nice Locke-inspired poster. If you want it, snap it up quick!

Other weird things - first DCPB has an odd pic from the skateboard, which just looks like wood grooves but kinda looks like a map. Furthermore, LostARGs have reported that there were other shout-outs to LOST in Boston, including T-shirts for Canton-Rainier Carpet Cleaning (seen in Season 5) and also a poster around for Build Your World (the charity Sayid worked with when Ben found him in S5). Probably just tidbits, but very cool. The map could be more though... might our next frame be overseas (please say it's so!)
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