Saturday, August 15, 2009

Ready To Go

Paul has updated us again - looks like he had his meeting but can't tell us what exactly went down yet, but the good news is the Saturday night event is still on. It's seems a little surprising that his meeting with Ronie Midfew would be a positive one, and it sounds like he now has some official legal backing from them too.... is Paul Scheer selling out on us? Meh, as long as we see these damn paintings we've been clued to for the past couple of weeks, we really don't care.

Update - Paul is now reporting to have the full backing of Ronie Midfew Arts (also says so on their respective website) and Darlton. However, Paul is holding off painting promotion in the meantime for some unexplained reason... but nevertheless things will begin at midnight tonight PST. Looks like the ARG finally begins in proper....
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