Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Frame #2 In Boston?

DCPB has updated with new information on Frame #2. We're shown a photo of people queuing in a street and the words "Newbury" and "Weds". Now factor what what people have been saying about that red line from the Frame #1 video, August 26th, and it sounds like our frame will soon be released.

But where is Newbury? Well, some canny folk at LostARGs and DarkUFO have said it's Newbury Street in Boston. What's also rather cool is that there's a travel poster exhibition happening on that very street... could our new frame grace that place? Or will it be in "Johnny's cupcakes", which is apparently what the photo is of - people queuing for that shop when it first opened.

Hopefully we'll get a new clue soon to help us pinpoint an exact location.

Update - Well the prayers have been answered - the site has updated with Johnny Cupcakes 279 Newbury Street at 10am EST on Weds 26th - 'tell them Horace sent you'. There's also a weird pic too of part of a DHARMA logo... I have a feeling visitors might just be given a special DHARMA-esque cupcake... I so wanna be in Boston now!
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