Monday, September 29, 2008

Who will win Bad Twin...

Lostpedia's birthday now a distant memory, time to round off the events properly and announce the winner of the competition. I gave an unprecedented audio code in my post last week, and then received a huge number of emails from you guys with your responses (once again, the volume of responses was a big surprise, especially considering the specialist nature of this one). So, first off, here is the correct answer:


The audio was in fact a tap code, used by prisoners of war to communicate secretly (kind of like an easy version of Morse). Check the Wiki page for the full explanation on how to decode - there's no need going through it fully as it's easy once you know how! Note there is no K in the tap code, so C is used instead - I got a number of emails saying I had made a gaffe and coded "LICE". Most people who solved the code actually didn't know about the tap code, but used a Polybius square 5x5 grid - which follows a similar principle. I was also very impressed by a couple of you who actually logically worked out the code without any prior knowledge or Wikipedia-ing at all. You may not win the book, but you win my respect for being natural codebreakers!

So, who is the winner.... well, the name is (drum roll).... Tom, from Belgium!!! Big congrats to you, an email will be heading your way soon, along with all my savings affording postage to Belgium...

Thanks to all for taking part, and hopefully we can do another competition soon - a holiday season one perhaps?
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