Thursday, September 11, 2008

More Brain Teasers

Yawn, an early start in ARG land today with a surprise Test 4 making an appearance! I figured it would be next week, but no, its a proper task, complete with a cheat. A new email was also sent out advertising the "make your own test" thing - a day late again - I guess they're just reminders though. Weirdly I can't seem to access the newsletter from the site itself - if I follow the link it brings up a username and password box... let me know if you have better luck.

To Test 4, its style is similar to that of Test 2, multiple choice covering a range of topics, including a few fiendish ones on mathematical logic I noticed - I'm not good with percentages! I wonder if these questions are fan-made? Anyway, I was worried as it said only your first run-through counts, and at this time I wasn't completely sure what the cheat was, but managed to figure it out by the end. The final question is just like Test 2, asking "what is the answer to this question". I figured out that it must be like test 2 where you need to write in a code, and so remembering the video clue from yesterday, entered "Mittelwerk". Sure enough, this was the code and option "B:C" flashed, revealing the answer. Good times. I hope though that the Mittelwerk thing wasn't just a flippant code, I'd love to find out that he is actually involved in the narrative... but any TLE reference really is fine by me.

New groups are also up, again they are all titans from Greek mythology. We've got: Atlas, Crius, Cronus, Helios and Oceanus (click for Wiki info). I got Oceanus, who I'm not aware of, but I know that Cronus was at some point the leader of the Titans (thank you Xena), and that Atlas held the world on his shoulders. If there is some unifying theory possible for all five, Higgs Boson the comments section.

Thanks to those who took my tests as well, its great to finally get some Dharma points. Do keep posting your tests too, I've played all the blog comment ones and most of the Forum ones and they're pretty great - my faves being the Psych ones and the Simpsons one. If you still wanna do my tests, they're on Lost ARGs, Psychology and Literature.
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