Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Do you think the Emmys lost the plot?

In picture: The Lost cast in 2005 after winning the "Outstanding Drama Series" award. Unfortunately, 2008 did not bring a repeat of such success.

The dust has now somewhat settled after Sunday's Emmy awards, though I notice some are still in uproar at some of the decisions. To be honest, the whole process confused me as I thought Lost was nominated for more than two major awards, but apparently that's not the case.

Relevance and controversy to Lost seems to surround the "Outstanding Supporting Actor In a Drama Series" award (note, Terry O'Quinn won this last year), and the "Outstanding Drama Series" award (Lost won this back in 2005). Should Emerson have won the supporting actor award though in your opinion? A number of blogs I found through Google seem to think so, and though I don't know the other nominees other than Shatner, I do think Emerson does a fantastic job. Hopefully next year he'll get the recognition he deserves!

What about outstanding drama series? Should Mad Men have won? I seem to find divided opinion - some blogs are very much in favor of the decision for a well-crafted show with great momentum. Meanwhile, others claim it was a poor choice, citing arguments such as that it airs on an obscure cable network with "anaemic" ratings (quote from "The Australian" online newspaper). Surely it's quality not quantity though, eh? What's your opinion as not-so-objective fans? Do you respect the choices, or believe a travesty has been committed? Or do you hold to the fact that nomination is satisfactory recognition in itself?
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