Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Next test in the sequence

What is the best wake up in the morning besides normal Dharma updates, well Dharma updates with maths - bound to jerk you out of blissful ignorance and into the world where you realize you are just plain ignorant. People, its Test 5!!!

In terms of test subjects, maths has to be, personally, a bad zone (I hope many of you would agree). Its pointless, I don't care that I can figure out a weird x=nx4-2, etc - it is of little use. However, apparently it is of use with this test - sequencing. They aren't all 5, 6, 7, 8, ___ though - this test includes some tough algebraic cookies. For example, see the image I uploaded. 3, 13, 53, 213, 853 ____ (answer 3413). Now I did get this one, but I mean its x4+1, not exactly THAT easy. One I really couldn't get was 1, 7, 23, 55, 109 ___ and I still don't know, I just Googled and got this site, so the answer is 191 then haha. The last few questions seem to be Fibonacci-esque a lot, so using the one bit of maths I do know from being a codebreaker fan, that wasn't too difficult (though I'd imagine it could be if you had no prior knowledge). The other question that would have bust me if I hadn't known was the one that relates to the cheat....

There's a new vid featuring good old Hans, where he tells us not to cheat, and that he's currently onto Black Swan, who is "on the inside" you might say. Good clarification there from the PTB about that old hack. During the vid though there's a lil flashing white thingy on the bottom right of the screen - guessed it pretty quick - old Morse. Now I did order a lovely Morse kit (geek I know) which never arrived, so unfortunately I fail and had to rely on others to break it. I give shout-out to Sayid'sGirl from LostARGs (good friends of Lostpedia), who got this baby: THE CHEAT IS IN THE SEQUENCE BUT THE SEQUENCE IS THE ANSWER. This seems to relate to the weird sequence question, using a style like 32, 1312, 11131112, ____ - the answer is actually a Conway sequence, so you take the whole thing verbally, 32 is "one three, one two", and then 1312 is "one one, one three, one one, one two", etc. So the final one in my above example would be 31133112 (I think).

So finally we get to groups - there's six this time it would seem - Aether, Chaos, Chronos, Hemera, Nyx and Oranos (another way of spelling Uranus, gives it a nice Oceanic edge regardless whether its the correct form or not - I've no idea). All of them belong to the elite group of Greek primordial gods - least we ain't got Titans anymore. I'm in Oranos (lol to Anna who pointed out that its a good thing they changed the spelling for Uranus, otherwise that sentence takes on whole new meaning!), having gone from Otus to Oceanus and now another O group. The pic is also by Henri Fantin-Latour if you're interested, of the Queen of the Night (so I'm inferring Nyx from this). It was either this pic or the one on the Wikipedia article that shows boob - and I didn't wanna get political correctness outcry as Lostpedia is a family site, even if it is a very cool painting (and I mean that artistically!)
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