Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Fringe airs tonight 8pm ET on FOX

Pretty much as the title states, the series premiere of JJ Abram's new show, Fringe, will begin airing tonight on FOX. Many Lost fans are also big JJ fans, so I figured there should be some mention. Perhaps also the show might throw out some references to Lost - which seems to be something JJ does a lot - he did a couple of references to Lost in Mission Impossible III, for example. It does sound like a decent show in its own right, however - will it be as big if not bigger than Lost? Well FOX have already launched their own official "Fringe wiki", and if you're not a fan of wet paint wikis like me, there's even already a fan-made "Fringepedia"! (No affiliation to LP). Looks like this show is already a hit with some people, promising considering it hasn't even aired yet!
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