Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Click and See

I take my invisible hat off to those of you who on Monday noted that in addition to the "honest man" proverb were the words "click" and "see". Well - you were right to question as today marks Test 6 - and those two words are the key to the cheat!

Test 6 is a catered multiple choice test for recruits - but to be fair its probably the most straight-forward of the tests. Every question can be cheated on, and when only your first run through counts, its a good thing too. To cheat, all you need do is "see" by holding down the "C" key. Right-CLICK and you'll find that there's a "black swan" option (pretty cool actually). Clicking that makes the correct answer flicker every time - making a very easy 100% score opportunity indeed.

I got put into the Demeter group, but there's also Apollo (little bar with the real big taste!), Ares, Athena, Hestia and Poseidon. I would have thought there'd be more groups than this though considering the trend to increase numbers each time? Anyway, I think it's interesting that while we're still on Greek Gods - these are some of the big players like Ares - seems like a progression from the start of giants and titans to the introduction of the Olympians (as per the chronology in fact, Zeus and co. overthrew the Titans, according to my Greek knowledge base that is Xena: Warrior Princess lol).
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