Wednesday, September 03, 2008


Well you wait for a Dharma bus and then it finally comes along with four other buses which you then have to narrowly avoid for 100 seconds in a confined space. Yeah I think I pretty much just slaughtered that expression there... Ladies and gents, its Test number 3!!!

The bus thing is about right though, so much seems to have happened in the space of 24 hours, I feel like Jack Bauer, except with much worse technology (still ain't got a proper wireless, so I'm leeching from an unreliable server - perfectly legal though!). Anywayz, I think first we should mention the new video on the site, featuring the ever suspicious and hard to place accent of Hans Van Eeghen. Hans gives us a little insight, congratulations spectacular results on the DWY tests (obviously oblivious to our little cheat fest), and also mentions the hacker "Black Swan" - apparently behind these little hacks. So the confusing part is - is Black Swan RuckusGuy, or is he Dan? Or is he both! This whole thing is confusing, maybe Dan Bronson was just a sidekick to someone bigger?

With the mystery video also came some glitchy hacks, which spelled out B P M 40 60". Stick it together and you get BPM 40-60, which apparently in music corresponds to the word "lento". There do seem to be other possible cheats, like right-clicking to pause the game, but this must be the proper method for passing Test 3.

Test 3 is called a Dexterity and Attentiveness Evaluation. Basically, you're controlling a Dharma logo and have to dodge little biddy asteroids for 100 seconds. The speed increases though, so its pretty tough to last for a full marks 100. However, typing in "lento" seems to make the asteroids speed drop dramatically, giving you time to move around safely. The cheat only lasts for a few seconds though, but you can repeat it. So you just need to find a safe corner, type lento and then repeat until you survive the game without a collision.

After a successful cheat, you'll be placed into one of four new groups - Antaeus, Enceladus, Tityos and Otus (I'm in the latter). All four names are giants from Greek myth - again with the Greek!

Right that's a full round-up, now I'm back to real-world movey stuff - I've had non-Dharma workmen in my kitchen during the entire time of writing this blog fixing the boiler... oh the glam of the secret and dangerous hacker Black Swan world is so appealing right now...

Keep track of these developments at Lostpedia's clue page, which includes a YouTube version of the Hans video.
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