Friday, September 12, 2008

Test 4 email

Just a quick update about a new email today from Hans (see here), basically advertising Test 4. I noticed on yesterday's message (email version only) that these newsletters are now being called "reminders" - which is better considering they get sent out a day later than the test release! Nothing in the source code, but Hans mentions thinking "outside the octagon", a possible reference to Test 3. Also, there's info about becoming eligibe for "instructor" positions at Dharma - if you get mucho points I'm assuming rather than how good your quizzes are. Might be interesting, and could open up secret messages or vids? I dunno about marginalizing though - we all know that instructors by point basis is pretty dumb considering how many hacker cheats we have out there. Hence, I decided not to pull a RuckusGuy/Bronson and say jokingly "I'm going to make sure I pass their test" cause I know I really won't.
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