Thursday, September 25, 2008

Recruits Get Promoted

Dharma sent out their usual day-late reminder email today, advertising Test 6 (see full message here). Old Hans gives us the usual spiel, but also tells us the names of recruits who contributed to the test, and so have been thus promoted to Instructor status. Congrats to:

Bboepple, DanyWho, Ellenh, Iseibert, Lost4evr, Mattabramson, Orangemoonbeam, Sawyer78, Wrinkledogs.

...Who now also receive special Dharma Initiative Instructor T-shirts. Good going, peeps - a lovely piece of memorabilia to cherish! Or sell to the highest bidder on eBay - your choice!

Hans also gives us a security notice - about how they're now doing a bit of house-keeping with regards to the cheats. They're also checking our scores for indicators that we used Black Swan's cheats, and accordingly will "deal with us". Eep! I'd find it highly amusing, however, if we all en masse got demoted to "Work Man" for cheating on the tests. Once more, Hans tells us NOT to cheat, but whether or not you listen to him is your decision - though what's the fun in playing it right, I say. There'd be no clues to solve!
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