Thursday, September 18, 2008

Call Hans Van Eeghen?!

Dharma sent out a new email today, firstly advertising Test 5 as a reminder to those who have yet to take it, but also to notify us that the Dharma recruitment tests will end on October 7th. They all inform us that roles and group allocations will then be conducted to decide where to place us within their latest research project (relating to that Pierre Chang video one surmises). We will also get our volunteer assessment dossier things. See the full newsletter here.

But the real kicker in this newsletter is the sourcecode message from Black Swan. It reads:
13237438573 - say Hi from BS

So what are those numbers? Well its a phone number! Call 1-323-743-8573 and you reach the voicemail of Hans Van Eeghen?! TPTB are now basing out of Los Angeles instead of Australia huh, which is where the number is apparently from. If you are international, dial 001-323-743-8573, but be prepared for major cost issues (get permission from whoever pays the bill, as they used to say on children phone-in shows). Here's what it says when you dial anyway (it rings a few times first, which scared the be-jebus out of me):
Namaste. You have reached the voicemail of Hans Van Eeghen, the Dharma Initiative's head of recruiting. Unfortunately I am unable to take your call right now, but I do hope you leave a message so that I may address your inquiry at a later time. Thank you and Namaste.
Then goes the beep and you can leave a message. I bottled out, however, I must say - just hanging up. I should have gone with "Hi from Lostpedia and Black Swan" but meh. Try the number though guys, and comment about what messages you leave, and how much you lose calling what has to be a premium rate number, right?
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