Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Black Swan's Identity Plucked

In picture - Evil has a new face: Hans Van Eeghen, aka Hack Swan, Black Con, etc.

Does anyone recall the Family Guy episode where Peter complains to his teacher about the difficulty of his test, and the teacher replies "you stood up to me... that was the test!" and then Peter smiles and has a lovely 80s style cheer outside. Tried finding it on YouTube, but to little avail. The idea is always amusing, that the test is not the real test - and we're all guilty, particularly if you take Psych like I do, of thinking that you're being played and that the real test is something more covert. Well, apparently, this mind-**** has been used with Dharma Wants You, as we move into the final test.... The integrity, honor and honesty assessment!!! *Gulp*...

So what do you have to do for Test 7... well, nothing. Click it and all that happens is this lovely Dharma video where Hans effectively throws us back into kindergarten, scolding us for cheating. It turns out that HE is Black Swan, and this whole testing procedure has included home-made cheats so he can gauge how honest we all are in the face of corruption. As you can probably guess, the results are undoubtedly not so good amongst our peers from what I can gather. However, recruits caught cheating will not be expelled, but this will be considered in the final dossier (to be released no earlier than December!! - so does that mean ARG cyber silence after the recruitment time ends on October 7th?). Rest assured, I imagine justice will be swift with Hans the sociopathic social scientist in need of some ethics at the helm. Wonder if we're all going to end up as Work Men like I theorised last week....

Anyway, groups are pretty quack and dry this week (an audible groan at that lame attempt at a pun) - you're either a white swan for not cheating, or a black swan for being dishonest (good to see TPTB don't care for silly political correctness). I found it interesting that Hans talked about how the Dharma Initiative had been betrayed before - finally a little bit of Lost crossovering to get us geared up. Will next week yield any other big revelations after today's surprise? A mention of the big betrayer that is Ben? Could Hans be lying in the face of sheer embarassment over a hacker making cheats for all his tests, thus incorporating it as though it were his plan all along - out there, but hell it wouldn't be a Lost ARG without a similar "is Persephone actually Rachel" double-bluff debate!!! I don't understand why Hans would, as Black Swan, give us all his voicemail account, diss himself in source code, etc etc. As seems the theme this year and for the upcoming Season 5 of Lost, time will tell.
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