Monday, September 01, 2008

Lord of the Flies read begins

Today officially marks the beginning of our Lord of the Flies read-time. Hope everyone who wishes to take part now has a copy. The reading lasts for three weeks, however, so you have some time if you're a real latecomer.

You can discuss the book on the Forums here or use the Chat service using a direct browser link here. A live chat will also be conducted on the final day of the reading period, Saturday September 20th. Hope to see you there!

As a fyi warning, October's book will be.... Slaughterhouse Five. Don't judge it purely on the name, its a gripping tale involving time travel and the analysis of the human condition, apparently. It could be a tough one to source, I'm not sure, but as ever here's a couple of handy links if you want to buy/borrow the book and you're in the USA. Internationals, my advice is, as usual, Amazon.

Buy Slaughterhouse-Five

Borrow Slaughterhouse-Five
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