Monday, September 22, 2008

ARG Whispers

First of all, happy September 22nd to all Lost fans. I have drafted a proper post and a new competition to celebrate the day, but this will have to go on hold until the evening - as ARG land also decided to do a little something for the day too.

Head over to where you'll hear some rather weird noises. Thanks to the dudes at LostARGs and DarkUFO who've pieced together some of the words, including - he/cheat, resembles, more, a, right, man, nothing, click, ?? (Inaudable), and, honest, see. The best theory on this so far is that it relates to the French proverb - "Nothing resembles an honest man more than a cheat". Certainly seems like Black Swan is telling us to continue cheating, and to disregard anything good old Hans says about playing the game true.

Also heard that some recruits have been emailed about their recruited-made tests. Apparently, Dharma wants some of the questions, and has been offerring out instructor status. However, it seems they want you to print and sign release forms and fax them back to them in order to do it. Faxing - so legal, can they not just accept scanned and emailed copies I wonder? Nothing of real sleuth interest though here, other than the release document reiterates that this ARG is still called "Dharma Initiative Recruiting Project (the "Project")."

Stay tuned for the special Lostpedia birthday post, and the new competition that will be running so you can get yourself a Lost-related prize. The clue is pretty awesome if I do say so myself, a real ARG style mystery... :)
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