Friday, August 29, 2008

And the winner is...

Thanks to everyone who sent in responses to the Via Domus competition, I was surprised by just how many emails I got in fact, which for off-season was pretty impressive considering if required detective work). Anyway, I can now reveal to you the answer.... which is..... GOODWIN! Here's some of the clues within the riddle:

You'll find me in the middle of the niGht, but also just as the dawN ends
Curious, isn't it, that I appear during bOth, twice, though I guess it really all kind of depends
Because, to be honest with you, I am actually a little bit two-faced, I lie
Though on the surface of things, I'm sure you think I'm a nice normal guy
Deceitful is my middle name though, my last being pure success ("WIN")
I work in silence, survey you closely, and take glee in your distress
You honestly have no idea, that I am always in decided watch
The skill in my trickery, I'm sure you'd agree, is certainly quite top-notch!
Really all you need now is one more clue, a mark, a symbol, a sign
Figure out who I am, quickly now, before that prize of yours is mine
Don't worry, it'll be fine ("it'll be fine, it'll be all GOOD")

So you did have to see past some filler stuff, but in fairness most people got the gist, and I think the biggest answers I got besides Goodwin were Ethan or Henry Gale/Ben, so apart from the real clues, all the other metaphory stuff pointed in the right direction of a spy within the group. Also, the middle of night and end of dawn thing is standard riddle speak, just an fyi people who got confused and thought the person was the moon - sorry! However, I did get quite a few correct responses, and the winner out of the hat is... (I'm doing this as I write)... "Travellin' Jack Sawyer" who is from California in the US of A. Congratulations to you, TJS, an email will be heading your way soon! To everyone else, commiserations, but I hope you enjoyed trying to crack the code - I got lots of lovely emails saying how it was fun to have something to mull over. Hopefully, we can do another competition in the near future!

Right, so I'm off to count my pennies to pay for an international parcel to the US... and also am outtie all weekend - cause I'm getting new digs wahoo! - I hope I don't miss any DWY developments.... though I doubt that's v. likely...
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