Thursday, August 21, 2008

Win a copy of Lost: Via Domus

Note: The competition is now closed!

A little bored with Lost not being on your screens? Want something other than the ARG to satisfy your Lost addiction? Well, why not play Lost: Via Domus - the official Lost game! Explore the Island as Elliott Maslow, a survivor suffering from memory loss after the crash of Oceanic Flight 815. Along the way, interact with all your favorite characters, including the Others. Uncover your past, and try and figure out how to get home!

We're offering one user a free copy of Lost: Via Domus for PC. Note you'll need a relatively new computer to run the game (check all the tech requirements here). As for legal mumbo jumbo - the winner will get a copy sent to them anywhere in the world, but whether I do priority mail or normal mail will depend how much it costs :) I also can't be held responsible if the prize suddenly gets lost itself in transit. All rights reserved, you agree that upon entering you relinquish rights to sue, I will protect any personal info given to me, yada yada, blah de blah.

Anyway if you would like to enter the competition, read the riddle below and tell me which Lost character I'm talking about. It should be relatively easy, but if you have trouble, I'm sure you'll be able to get some help in the Forum, IRC Chat or in the blog comments section. The competition will close on the 28th (a week from today) at midnight BST time. To enter, email the answer to nickb123ATlostpediaDOTcom, along with your online name, email address in the message (I know it says at the top, but it just makes it easier for me) and a rough idea of where you are (e.g. Spain). I won't be replying to messages to tell you you're right, but I think when you have the answer, you'll know its correct. I'll announce the winner next Friday. Good luck! Here's the riddle:
You'll find me in the middle of the night, but also just as the dawn ends
Curious, isn't it, that I appear during both, twice, though I guess it really all kind of depends
Because, to be honest with you, I am actually a little bit two-faced, I lie
Though on the surface of things, I'm sure you think I'm a nice normal guy
Deceitful is my middle name though, my last being pure success
I work in silence, survey you closely, and take glee in your distress
You honestly have no idea, that I am always in decided watch
The skill in my trickery, I'm sure you'd agree, is certainly quite top-notch!
Really all you need now is one more clue, a mark, a symbol, a sign
Figure out who I am, quickly now, before that prize of yours is mine
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
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