Saturday, August 23, 2008

Not so over the moon

DWY updated today - giving us a first glimpse at the leaderboard. No RuckusGuy up top of the list, but surprisingly no cheaters either necessarily. See most of us woke to realize that we have actually no Dharma points - and then of course I remembered what the site said about points being given out for EXTRA tests set by Hans Van Eeghen and for recruiting new people. So those on the leaderboard will be the ones who recruited a mate to the cause, bagging themselves 10 points a head. I'm actually glad, even though I recruited no-one; I like that the competitive leaderboard means nothing. I'm not a big fan of glory hogging or the ostentatiousy "be the best" mantra, anyway.

Anything else of interest in the new updates? Well the "My Progress" section is up, doing pretty much what was done in Find 815 by showing the tests you've done, anything you've missed, etc. We've also been allocated into "groups". I myself am unsettlingly "Pandora" (inside "joke"), and most people are otherwise in "Ganymede" it seems. So just the two groups so far then, unless anyone else has another group? One would assume they'll be more in time. Pandora is a moon of Saturn (see WP), and as you may remember Ganymede appeared during Comic-Con, along with a host of other Jupiter moons (link). Naturally, both names also have mythological roots (as how moons are often named). We're still no closer to figuring out the significance of the moon names though - if indeed there is at all. I hate it when they drop mythic names just to make it seem mysterious and interesting. Meh, everything these days is ostentatiousy. Though then again, this game is based on a drama...
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