Saturday, August 09, 2008

An Inside Job

Its been a slow week in ARG land, forcing many sites to post about other things, or muse about the ARG as a whole (of which I myself am guilty of). However, I've finally got enough clues to do a decent post with, so here's a round-up of this week.

On Wednesday, a newsletter dated 08/08 (Friday) was found on - and was quickly pulled by the powers that be. Thus, it seems clear this was a goof on their part.

On Friday, the site itself started to go "glitchy" as the Lostpedia wiki officially called it. On the homepage, the DHARMA logo buzzed and looked like TV static. Upon login, there was also random gibberish words that showed up for split moments. I had begun categorizing and recording these until I realized they weren't codes, just nonsense. However, one gibberish code appeared longer, and was consistently appearing on the site in different letter orders (e.g. nahnmiieosdite). Reword this, and it made "I am on the inside". A user at DarkUFO also apparently managed to view the sourcecode of the flash itself, finding the same message within it. Remind me to find out how you do that?! At any rate, it seems interesting that we now have a new Persephone of sorts on the inside of Dharma. Is this RuckusGuy/Dan Bronson. I mentioned in my last post about how it would be better if Dan was a mere sidekick, and people on other sites have actually suggested that this hacker may be someone new entirely.... Time will tell.

Finally, on Friday evening (Saturday for most of us I think), the newsletter that was pulled earlier in the week was re-released, almost identical in format. View it here. However, the sourcecode had a new hidden message "Good luck my old friend Hans". Now if you take this sarcastically, it could be our protagonist mocking Hans for being unable to stop the security breach hacking (probably the most likely answer). Or, maybe take it even further and suggest our hacker has a history with Hans. Or someone from Hanso is wishing Hans luck with his Dharma project? That one was a bit of a stretch. Note also that the newsletter itself was slightly different, with the addition: Apart from the leak of a sensitive internal communication... - looks like TPTB are covering up their Wednesday release goof by making it part of the narrative. And they would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for us meddling kids.

Hopefully next week will bring us a little more in the way of tough clues to mull over, and indeed testing should hopefully begin next week, after "security upgrades". Until then, its back to the waiting game. If you're bored, however, I've hidden a little something myself in this post - its an old phrase I heard the other day which I believe is quite fitting to Lost fans at the moment. Heed the words, and take some time off! :)

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