Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The weirdest video... EVER

So I imagined my next post would be rounding up the new recruitment test. However, I just received something very odd indeed, and thought you guys might have an opinion on it.

Now through working on Lostpedia, I often get some strange messages - but this one really does take the biscuit. I was emailed about a video on YouTube featuring none other than Mr. Damon Lindelof - in addition to a whole host of geek favorites like Joss Whedon and Brian K Vaughan - talking about a new book by Brad Meltzer entitled "The Book of Lies". Now, apparently, its all real! Now where have I heard that one before....

So I'm guessing this is, what, being marketed as the next Da Vinci Code or something, and may even have one top-notch ARG viral campaign to boot? Have to say it sounds very cool, check it out at thebookisreal.com - seems like there might be a rich tapestry of clues and mysteries to solve there... unfortunately one ARG is enough for this little code-breaker to handle right now, I'm afraid. However, Lindelof's backing I'm sure means its going to be a fun ride, and also Mr. Whedon's as well, who I'm also a big fan of. So, hey, if this Lost ARG gets a little slow - maybe figure out what the connection is between Cain & Abel, and Superman?!!?! Ladies and gentlemen I give you, quite possibly, the wacky conspiracy to end all wacky conspiracies!
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