Sunday, August 17, 2008

Excited about a test...

Just a quick weekend update. Hope everyone is excited and ready for Tuesday - and hope the Dharma Wants You servers are also ready to handle the traffic, they were down for a heck of a while on Friday... I have faith though, and am very glad that things are in motion now, and looking forward to a very good story, and indeed the challenge that await in these aptitude tests. Remember to take lots of screencaps!

Thanks to those who also had a bash at the little code I made in the last post - I think answers will be posted at some point over at - where they are now on Clue #3. There isn't any connection between clues, but its nice to try and solve things before the proper game ships out brain teasers our way. Clue #2 is pretty awesome, and 3 is much nicer after my first one which people found really difficult (I wanted to emulate the book Masquerade in terms of all the red herrings and misdirection, but maybe I emulated it a little TOO much - it took literally YEARS before that book was solved). I've also made a new one today, though I dunno if it will be released... but its quite an original and fun one involving chess.

However, Tuesday will bring much better clues than those fans can muster - clues that actually mean something to a narrative. So enjoy ruby Tuesday, before she comes and goes.
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