Friday, August 15, 2008

We have ETA, and something to whet your whistle

Well it would appear that TPTB were watching over my last post and have now given us a date for the tests on this auspicious day (is that the right word). A new email has been sent out (view it here), not really answering much, but advising us to go to the website, where you will notice, depending on whether or not the site is working for you, that commencement date is the 19th of August - Tuesday!!! Fantastic news, and cheers to the good old Dharma folk for keeping us in the loop :)

In other news, check out this code I made, gibberish right?:


What's it all about? Well it isn't in-game just to be clear, but it is one hell of a good mini-game to keep you guessing before Tuesday's progression. To play the game, and hopefully in the end break the cipher string above, you'll need to find a Lost-related answer hidden within an image. The image is full of pit-falls, making it tougher than the average fan-clue. If you do manage to solve the image though and get the key, well done you as that's the hard part - but then if you want something extra, use the keyword on my code above for a special message!

But where is this image with the key... I don't have it... stop bothering me... go ask somebody else!
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