Friday, August 01, 2008

The Shape of Things to Do

Damn. Lost Season 4 has been complete for quite awhile. I've seen each episode too many times and I've watched the Charladay scenes many more times than I would like to admit. I caught up on all the shows Lost made me neglect. As soon as Comic Con started I was glued to the Youtube videos of Darlton's panel. Of course, I signed up for the new ARG as soon as went live. I have even recently been outside. What is a Lostpedian to do in these troubled, Lost-less, times?

Worry not! A few dedicated Lost fans have decided to ease our suffering, with the creation of humorous websites to keep us busy – hopefully for the full 188 or so days until Lost's magnificent return to the air.

Lost ROFL is the icanhazcheeseburger of the Lost fansite universe. For those of you not up to speed with your internet memes (tsk, tsk!), Lost ROFL is a collection of Lost screen captures and animated GIFs with dumb captions, or alternatively, dumb pictures with Lost quotes as captions. Lost ROFL also scopes out the best of Lost humor elsewhere on the web, so you'll get great (and sometimes obscure) videos and websites, as well as Lost humor culled from other forums and blogs. The most entertaining part of the site is a “WE HAZ TO GO BACK” subsection, featuring oodles of cute furry animals, civil war generals, and anything else with a significant amount of hair reminding us where we have to go! Lost ROFL, like Lostpedia, is powered by user generated content, and you are bored. Submit! You've got work to do!

Oh, you're lazy? I know the feeling. I was supposed to have this written in time to be posted after the Season 4 finale! Luckily for us, Lostpedia's own BauerUK has decided to create his own comic and requires nothing from us. AfterLOST is a fantastically drawn webcomic about alternative endings to episodes of Lost, perhaps if it was written by surreal comedians with a taste for the abstract. Currently, it's mostly Season 4 episodes, but previous episodes are in the works, I've been told.

What sort of blogger would I be if I didn't talk about my own stuff? (Answer: unique)
I host the Lostpedia Bash, a collection of funny quotes from the official Lostpedia Chat, based on the great database, but all about Lost. While some quotes are inside jokes among the participants, others should make sense to any Lost fan – and hopefully make them laugh!

Should you require a little more interaction, you might want to check out the Games Sub-forum at Lostpedia's official forums. While not necessarily humorous, there are a whole slew of forum-based games that will provide countless memes to take part in and word associations to associate. There's also a "Mafia" game, Zombie choose-your-own-adventure (Season 7 anyone?), arrested development word association, and more. Come on in and take a try at it!

On behalf of the sysops, forum mods, and IRC ops, all of us at Lostpedia, say thank you, namaste, and... wish you good luck in finding something to keep you busy.
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