Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Win some Lost goodies

Today I finally got my copy of Lost: Via Domus for PC, only to find that my PC is apparently old and doesn't have the right video card to the run it. No worries, I thought with slight annoyance, I'll just send it back and get the PS3 version (and then suddenly turn up at my brother's for the first time in about 6 months to "see how he is").

However, it was in this moment that I thought, "why return it" - I mean, hassle! Wouldn't it be cooler to work with it and give it to someone who maybe wants it that bit more... wouldn't it be cool to finally clear out my Aladdin's cave of geek memorabilia... fans of Lost, I give you, LOSTPEDIA PRIZES!!!!

What do I have to offer Lost fans apart from Via Domus, I wonder, as I wander my room, looking at my bad ass signed Serenity poster (seriously, its BAD ASS - and you ain't getting that!) Indeed peeps, I am a bit of a closet geek (well, not so closet with a signed Serenity poster on display, but ya know....).

Ergo, I have A LOT of crap. But what about Lost - well there's an Apollo bar there which I seriously wonder the health and safety stature of being two years out of date, a first edition UK version copy of Bad Twin, as well as an array of Lost Magazines which I admit I've never actually read... Season 1 on DVD... lots of stuff! And hey, maybe I could utilize Lost contacts I've made over the last few years and even get them to donate some goodies? (I could always ask, I guess!)

So, why don't we make a few Losties happy, and keep this ARG from getting stale with a bit of fan collectory incentive. Tomorrow, I'm gonna do the first one, a copy of Via Domus on PC, and from there do a competition whenever the going gets slow. I'm not gonna make it easy though - there will be a little "question" of sorts to answer relating to Lost. Don't worry though, it won't be TOO fiendish, and I'm sure you can get help from other fans on Lostpedia's Forum and Chat if you're stuck, or maybe even email me and I'll give you a few hints... I'll leave the competition open for a week, and then pick the winning name out of a hat (hence the rabbit-out-of-a-hat logo).

In all seriousness, I think its high time we gave something back to the loyal people who make things like a Lost ARG possible - you.
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