Friday, August 22, 2008

Exposing the truth about test 1

I have mulled over this all morning, wondering whether or not I should expose the following. I know Dark took it off his site, but a number of people I've spoken to believe this to be "in-game" and "built-in" and so I've come to the decision that this should be published here. You've all heard the rumors about being able to cheat on the DWY test, and yes they are true - some involve hacking messages to browsers from servers (which I DO consider cheating), but there is one which really does seem intentional, and I think is quite possibly MEANT to be there.

If you don't want to know, then don't read it. I am not in the business of spoilers, but as I've just said - I think this is in-game and so thus NOT a spoiler. If you disagree, fine, and if this is somehow just a big screw up on the part of TPTB, I'm sorry I fueled the fire, but to be honest I'm not taking the fall for their screw up - nobody would be to blame but themselves. Note to the haters - I'm not ruining the experience here by posting this - people have a right to know the truth (getting all RB there), and also its unfair in the first place that real players will get nowhere near the league table. And who knows - maybe you HAVE to get in a top percentile to progress - or need a certain number of points to view an extended DHARMA DVD edition of Pierre Cheng. You just don't know!

Right, with that out of the way - the "cheat". When you're logged on and click to the start the test, click on one of the fragments and then immediately press SPACEBAR. The whole page will go berserk and you're switched to a test where the timer remains at 100%. You can then complete the test, and usually get a high 90s score, if not 99% or 100% (though I personally have only gotten 99 after a few attempts). Why do I think this could be intentional? Well it is a PRESSurized SPATIAL test - a clue to the hack? Could this be Dan Bronson giving us all a helping hand? Or is it really a screw-up? Basically, I am a little annoyed - if it is intentional, why didn't they clarify with a little note from Dan Bronson about it. What's the point in a frickin leaderboard or "my progress" if there's an intentional way to ensure top marks. Maybe it is a cheat, maybe it isn't, but you have to take a decision about these things - and I chose to reveal the truth. Begin the hate barrage!
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