Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Test 1 now ready!

Finally, the test is up, and we are ready to go!

A new email was sent out informing us about the new test (view it here). Nothing in the source code to my knowledge, though there is something unusual saying "Batteries Ice Pint..." - though it doesn't really look cluey, so I think its just techno jargon. In saying that, I read a comment on DarkUFO after googling the three words that its a possible anagram of "patience is bitter" - TPTB having a dig?

So, the test! Well, after a little wait when the site said it was "updating", the test finally switched on and I have to say it isn't too bad - I think the peeps did a good job making it difficult open playing field as its a test one can't really cheat on. All you need do is fit pieces into a square (I'm making it sound way easier than it is) within a 100 second time limit. The faster you do it, the higher your score. I've had three goes at it so far - my first I had 29 seconds left so 29%. After that failure, I tried again and managed a 58, and then my third attempt I completely messed it up. I'm guessing obviously the easiest way is put in some big pieces first, and then the horrible looking shards last. Let me know how you all do, I doubt you're as poor as me (even check out the image I uploaded from Lostpedia - someone got 84!!!)
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