Sunday, April 29, 2007

More Korean Trivia

After some success with the Paik logo, I decided to branch out and investigate something else which had caught my eye. After walking up the stairs in the office, Sun enters the room to hear Mr. Paik arguing with his employee. She is then announced by the secretary. However, what got me thinking was the fact Paik and the associate's argument was the only time in the whole episode that the Korean wasn't subtitled. Could there be some kind of hidden clue?

Unfortunately, despite being able to do a little written translation using Internet tools, I couldn't possibly translate audio alone. So I went onto a Korean board and got some a little help. So, a huge shout-out to "dreamer" and - an awesome board. I managed to get stuff back but its all a bit fuzzy. Bear in mind this person who translated is a level 9 in listening skills (thats like language grand master) so this is about as good a translation as we're gonna get. Hope you've got Korean characters installed:

I guess two men are not native Koreans.
Their Korean is not perfectly natural, I mean some of the pronunciations is even hard for me, Native KOrean, to catch.
Anyway, here's my guess.

위조된 운송 허가증을 저희가 아직 얻지 못했습니다, 회장님
허가증을a permit card/document
얻지 못했습니다. haven't obtained/got
회장님 chairman/president

**(한세?)재단에서 우리 측에서 장비를 제공하지 않았다고 난리 났다는데
재단에서 from **foundation
우리 측에서 from us
장비를 the equipment
제공하지 않았다고 didn't provide
난리 났다는데 upset/agnry

All I can say to that is wow that's gotta be interesting. Foundation, and then a ? before it where a word couldn't be made out by the translator (maybe cause HANSO is not a word, its a name.....). I don't think we'll ever know what was said precisely, and this is only one translation - I'll check you posted if any more users get back to me. I'm guessing Paik wanted some kind of documentation/permit for his ships or vehicles or something, and the Foundation was supposed to sort it but hadn't. Paik then maybe said about how they also didn't give him equipment and if they didn't provide it he'd get angry?!?! Sorry guys, I'm still trying to string this together.

The plot certainly thickens though.

UPDATE - Got another message from "dreamer". I asked if the question mark before the word Foundation was actually Hanso, hence why he couldn't translate:

yes, probably hanso is the word. since I didn't have any other context I didn't know exactly but I thought what I heard was 'hans?)

As it says in the comments section - looks like TLE is really creeping into the main show.

UPDATE 2 - Seems like I might have got it the wrong way round after all. Here's how "dreamer" interprets the conversation, he actually thinks its Hanso who'll be getting angry:

I should've translated in one sentence.
Sorry that I made you confused.
In Korean, subject are often omitted which makes you very confused.

The first guy says,
We haven't reveived forged shipping documents.
(That's probably why they haven't provided that equipment to Hanso Foundation)

the shouting guy says,
I heard that Hanso Foundation is very upset/mad because WE didn't provide the equipment yet.

They(2 talking guys in the dialogue) are the one who are responsible for providing the equipment and Hanso Foundation is mad at them because these guys didn't keep the appointment properly.
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