Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The hunt for statistics

While visiting the many varying parts of the world wide web I check from day to day, I began to wonder what statistics are available for wikis, and where Lostpedia lives in the world of wiki. After a small hunt around, I came across Wikistats by S23. Wikistats is a robot tool that pulls the statistics from every wiki it can find.

Obviously, not every site provides all of its stats, and wikis can be measured in many ways (number of articles, contributors, edits per article etc) but the information makes interesting reading.

Did You Know according to S23...
  • Out of all privately owned wikis (rather than those owned by foundations), we're number 10th in the world, beating such luminaries as Mozilla Developer Center, The Valve Developer Center, the TV IV, Memory Alpha, Wookiepedia and the OpenOffice .org wiki?
  • Out of all privately owned wikis we're the 10th most visited and the 20th most edited on the web?
  • We're 26th in amount of images hosted, and still 55th if you throw in the Mediawiki Foundation sites
  • If you count in the number of articles, we're the 135th largest wiki on the web (though on quality of content we must be top!)
  • We are the most popular sci-fi show, and for that matter TV show based wiki on the web.

Any other stats you can find?

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