Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Easter Eggs - Catch-22

We at Lostpedia try to keep a keen eye on the background images, music, and art. In tonight's episode, "Catch-22", we saw a familiar face in a photograph seen on Brother Campbell's desk. You may remember the face in the photo as Ms. Hawking, the older woman that gave Desmond some insight into his flashes in episode "Flashes Before Your Eyes." What does this mean? Was Ms. Hawking involved in guiding Desmond's fate? Tell us what you think.

Anagrams: "Moriah Vineyards" was just begging to get plugged into an anagram finder. is Desmond a "Harmed Visionary"? What is a "Diversionary Ham"? We can also make out the words "DHARMA" and "Hydra" in there. Tell us what you come up with.
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