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Episode Blog - Left Behind

After taking four or so weeks off, I'm taking this blog of episode 15: "Left Behind." I thought it to be a bit well, lackluster. It wasn't the greatest episode, but could hold a candle to such episodes as "I Do" or "Every Man for Himself", for example. I'm running on massive amounts of Starbucks coffee to keep up, so forgive me if there are any random babblings in the text. Anyways, on with the review!

First off, the flashback sequences. Kate's in Iowa. But for what? Well, we find out later. She has a bad fan belt in her car. She says her name is "Lucy". Let's see... "Lucy", "Monica", "Joan Hart", what other names are there? But she sees Sawyer's old flame Cassidy running the old jewelry con. Apparently, she's not too good. But Kate helps her out. Why? Because of the graciousness of her heart? No. To avoid the cops. Why else? Everybody is greedy, but Kate shows it at nearly every turn. Trying to get on the raft in S1, now this, and many other examples. Can't she be a "good person"?

But then they get a drink at the local bar. They talk about stuff, mainly Sawyer, when Cassidy mentions that he was "the wrong guy" and as a "bad guy". (Chalk one up for the Good and bad people page! ;)) But ultimately, Cassidy agrees to help Kate out to talk to her mother. Apparently she feels bad for her. But why? Why would you feel bad for a person who you know is a "bad person"? Why would you? I know I wouldn't.

Now, Cassidy does help Kate. She goes up to Diane's house. The agents mistake her and attack her. Six people! Does it take six people to capture one woman? Apparently it does. Now as soon as I heard that Cassidy said that she was just "selling Bibles", it immediately brought up the memories of that old film "Paper Moon." I have watched all of the O'Neill clan's movies, and that was very reminiscent of the scene in the movie.

Then came the diner scene. I had continuous thoughts throughout the scene that "Wouldn't Diane recognize Cassidy???" Maybe she did, and associated it with the Bible saleswoman, but still you would recognize her as a person who might just be up to something. Yet she doesn't recognize the connection. On a side note, what kind of soup was it? We need it to thoroughly analyze before we add it to Lostpedia! I need to know the type of soup!

As Diane heads off for the bathroom, Kate finally comes in to confront her mums. As Monty Python once said, "NOBODY expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Yet when they did that sketch, we all expected it. And we all expected the meeting between mother and daughter. It was a really heartfelt scene, and I believe that both Beth Broderick and Evangeline did an excellent acting job.

As Kate gets ready to leave, Cassidy reveals to Kate that she is pregnant with the con man's baby, Clementine. I guess that that hereby ends the speculation that Clementine is in fact Sawyer's daughter and not just a counter-con by Cassidy to gold-dig a bit more.

On to the realtime events. We'll start off with the Barracks, the main focus of the episode. Kate is still being held in Tom's game room, complete with pinball tables, pool, and foosball. Why would you spend all of your time sleeping. Me, I'm a pinball nerd, and would be playing on the Cyclone table. Kate grabs a cue stick and is ready to attack. Juliet comes in and Kate totally got pwned. I was wondering if Kate did indeed land on the broken shards of the plate, and was writhing in pain even more than if she just landed straight on concrete. I have hit concrete multiple times (long stories, trust me), and it really doesn't hurt as much as some people make it out to be.

I thought that the Locke-Kate scene was great. Just one thing passed through my mind: "What happended to Locke's arm?" He didn't appear to have a hurt hand in "The Man from Tallahassee", so what happened between then and now? But he "made a case" for her, but apparently it didn't work when they "told him" about ther past. But shouldn't he have known this by now? "Born to Run" was the episode when Kate's true identity was revealed (by Sawyer). Wouldn't it have made sense that he knew this? Apparently, he should.

Then, they just threw a smoke grenade in to Kate's room. To me at the time, it appeared as just random, but as I watched the rest of the episode, it all made sense.

Then Kate woke up in the Jungle. Then came my OMG moment: she was handcuffed to Juliet. But why? Why would they just leave her behind? It didn't make too much sense to me. Then Kate took the knife out of Juliet's pocket. At first, I though that maybe she would try to accost her with the knife. But apparently, she just wanted to get away. Just like usual.

I like how Juliet called how it was going to rain. It brought back old memories of S1 when Locke stated "It's going ot rain in one minute," and then it did. Good job, writers. Then came probably the best moment of the entire episode: CATFIGHT! What male does not love a catfight between two attractive females? Good times. It was too short, though, but Juliet seemed like she got messed up with the shoulder and all. It was really good SFX though, with the shoulder popping noise.

Then, the Monster appeared. I am a huge fan of the Monster. I love the Monster. And it was good that he (she?) was back. I have one question about Smokey though: Why do those bamboo thickets prevent him from attacking people? It stopped them from attacking Michael and co., and now Juliet and Kate. Why? I'm sure that it could easily squeeze through. The creepy white flashes were brilliant though. That is probably how it got Eko's memories and now I believe that it will be used for Juliet's memories. It then leaves.

And then came the monster the next day. They run through the jungle, and then came another great scene for all of the males out there: Kate and Juliet covered in mud. As my pal Borat would say: "Niiiiice. High-five!" They get to the sonic barrier, turned off. Then the monster came after them. The most interesting part was that it came together from three parts. Can someone say Cerberus, the mythical dog of yore? I sure can. Juliet punches in the code, stopping Smokey in its tracks.

Later, Kate and Juliet arrived back at the Barracks, which are now deserted by all of the Others. Everything and everybody is gone. The Others had a nice pad, but they had to move. I think that the merry group of adveturers will lead everyone back to the Barracks to live there, for a period of time.

Then, we are reunited back with Sayid, as they plan to head back to the beach. At least one positive came of all of this: Juliet is going to the beach! Yay!

Then, we go to the beach. Apparently, Sawyer faces a vote of banishment. I wouldn't mind if he got banished. Although, it might make for an unimportant storyline, such as the cougar in 24. Hurley comes and tells him that he will be banished if he doesn't change his selfish ways. He suggests that he makes amends, but Sawyer staunchly refuses. (You like my sophisticated words?)

Later, Hurley tells him to talk to Claire. I love Claire's reaction when Sawyer comes up to her. (Uh... dude? What do you want?) He gives her a blanket, prompting the best line of the episode: "I don't like...blankets." (Yeah. Okay, get outta here.)

Then Desmond and Sawyer went hunting. Sawyer replies that he's got "hearts and minds" to change, a sneaky nod to the old S1 episode. I like how Des has a huge rifle and Sawyer, only a pistol. (See the Bald, Limp Guy (theory) page...) They killed a boar. Whoopee.

And then came the festive pork feast. Everybody got a slice of that boar. But shouldn't there be something like this every time a boar is killed. Des goes out hunting pretty near every day, But it was full of fun times and warm beer, and most importantly, friendship. The basis of life on earth. But do you believe that? ;) I didn't like how Sun kept glaring at Sawyer all evilly and stuff. Even Jin looked mad, and she hasn't told him. As Sun moves farther in to the pregnancy, he attitude goes down the drain.

So who was the one "left behind"? Kate, Juliet, Jack, or some one else? Please contribute your theories and thoughts to Lostpedia. Until "One of Us" airs, Marik out!
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