Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Easter eggs: paintings and Volvos in One of Us

Lostpedia is always on the prowl for easter eggs, and here we're reporting something that I haven't seen in other Lost fansites yet. There are several paintings in the operating room at Juliet' failed OB-GYN surgery in her island flashback. The two paintings are by American painter Georgia O'Keefe, whose is known for close-up renditions of flowers that resemble the external female reproductive organs, an appropriate theme for Juliet's fertility surgery. The two paintings are O'Keefe's 1919 "Music: Pink and Blue II"1 (left), and 1923 "Grey Line with Black, Blue and Yellow" 2 (right). You can read more in the wiki in the "cultural references" section of our episode summary.

Something we have not been able to identify is the watercolor painting of flowers hanging in Juliet's bedroom with Goodwin. Watch it again and try to ignore Juliet. If you have a clue what this painting is, please drop us a note in the comments here for your eternal fame. Finally, did you notice those photographs of the young Alexandra Rousseau in Ben's office? Somehow I get the feeling we'll see those again.

As you may already know, tracking automobiles featured in Lost is somewhat of an obsession at Lostpedia. The one interesting find was Juliet's car when she drove with her sister to Mittelos' secure airport (right). It's a Volvo. In fact it looks a lot like Sawyer's Volvo S70 from The Long Con back in Season 1 (left). What do you think? Lost's production crew has done this before, especially with the famed Golden Pontiac (featured in Locke, Michael, and Kate's flashbacks), but also with the re-use of Tom Brennan's gray BMW 5-series sedan (1x22 "Born to Run") in Jin's flashback (3x02 "The Glass Ballerina) as Jae Lee's landing pad, but this Volvo isn't used as a stunt vehicle (incurring damage), so we're not sure it's the same, and the window frames may or may not match. Click the automobiles link above to read all about it.


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