Thursday, April 26, 2007

D.O.C. - easter eggs and blog

D.O.C. huh, I got an acronym for ya, how about WTH. I mean, what the? Season 2 finale proved the Island was real, and then now it seems like the purgatory theory has just been debunked so much its finally come full-circle! Or did the Others fake another plane crash (unlikely), did the government cover up the disappearance and say "we found the plane" to make the families and press shut up (more likely, but wishful thinking), or are they all just in a wacky 3rd dimension (I pray not, but then again, this Season....)

Sorry about that, but had to first and foremost address that ending. Anyway, hit the easter eggs before moving to the blog. First off, I think a main one the net guys have been after is that Mikhail says Naomi said "thank you". In fact, there's evidence from Portuguese speaking fans that she actually said "I'm not alone". Bit of a lame easter egg though, the second she gets back she can tell em all in English. Next, there's a tattoo of interest on the girl's shoulder. Looks like squares connected by a line? I haven't found anything yet on that, but could be some kind of ancient style (the girl seems pretty cultured, what with the whole being a polyglot and all). Maybe its some kind of pigpen cipher, King Wen sequence or something (there seemed to be some dots/holes on a couple of the squares, consistent with the encryption styles). Next was the Korean writing under the Paik logo, which unfortunately I haven't been able to find any translation of. Probably "automotive" or "Heavy Industries" (seems pretty obvious now its the same as the Paik company mentioned in the Lost Experience). Again, Korean speakers, we need you. Finally, I also noted Mr. Paik's code for the safe. It was 7347__, could be 734724, as in 6803 x 108? Or maybe its just not an easter egg at all....

Now blogging, I'm really just gonna focus on the two main issues - Sun's pregnancy, and Mikhail's reappearance (I don't wanna further speculate about how they're all in purgatory cause it worries me slightly that Lost might just cop out and pull a Dallas on us). Sun's pregnancy - so the conception thing is the key, meaning Juliet's serum was a complete rouse and to do with the implant, good to get that clarified. I find it interesting that the Island is quite gender biased so it would seem, it'll 5 times your sperm count but won't let anything become of it child wise, kind of ironic. I wonder though, does it affect just the humans? Is it something to do with the fact they came to the Island? So like if Alex got pregnant she'd be OK cause she's always been there? Who knows right now, but I think its very intriguing the fact we're getting more to what the Island can do, like heal people fast (by Mikhail's admission).

Speaking of Mikhail, I dunno how or why, but I'm actually quite glad he's alive. He was the only one who actually gave us some friggin answers! Thank god we'll see him again and he can mouth off further. No wonder Ben dumped him in the Flame station, he's a threat to the Other air of mystique. But how did he survive? And why did he run toward the flare presumably when Hurley fired it? Who was he expecting, the coast guard? Would he not be with his team of Others, did Ben order him to investigate the flare? Has he now gone rogue pirate (I'm soo gonna get some angry emails for saying that...)? And what about the satellite phone, I'm guessing he thought he could fix it and communicate - he seems to like his communication job.

Apologies for the incoherence this week folks, I guess it pretty much sums up the episode. And I didn't even mention Sun's lovely flashback - brilliant continuity that Jin worked for Mr. Paik because of her. Have we seen Jin's mother before though? She seemed quite familiar. But why did she want dollars and not Won? I suspect a blooper.

Lastly, the Staff, ah nice reliable DHARMA, the science part, thank god for some realist sanity. I was so hoping for a Staff Orientation film, but the secret room will do for now I guess. Good to clear up that Claire wasn't hallucinating in Maternity Leave. That tape recorder though - why didn't Juliet take her sample of Kate when they drugged her to go to Hydra Island?!?! And what sort of sample is she taking? To see if they are somehow able to have children even on-Island?

I look forward to next week with the vain hope that Naomi might actually explain something. Maybe we'll even one day see her flashback? Is she this gay character the writers have said would appear (rather than one of the existing Losties dropping a bombshell). Definitely an episode full of question marks, and judging by the fact Lostpedia Forum and Chat have been showing record breaking activity these last couple of days, I'm not the only one who thinks so.
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