Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Quick Expose Retraction + April Fools

Hey, before the next ep hits the airwaves, thought I'd post this mini retraction about one of my last conspiracy theories. Kind user ruggieri3 set me in my place on the subject of Ben ordering Tom to cover the hatch with the plane. While I could explain what he said, I think I'll just post his explanation lead-into theory. First is my quote, then his response:

Me: "The comment by Ben as well "Tell Tom to cover the hatch with the plane" or words to that effect, why did the writers leave that useless line in, as we know Boone will knock it down in reality, it seemed like a silly deliberate line."

Ruggieri3: During that flashback, Boone had already downed the plane, because Jack and Locke were already in the Hatch (being watched by the Others in the Pearl)...so it makes sense that Ben would want Tom to put the plane over the pearl hatch since Eko and Locke have to find it there later on.

Also there is speculation that Tom was in the Pearl watching as well as using the computer to communicate to Michael, pretending to be Walt.

It makes sense, since Tom would be able to see Michael alone in the computer room (via the Pearl) and it also tells how the Others knew where to be to catch Michael in the first place.


Now I'm not one to support something definitively, but that really does work. It explains how the Other's attack team were ready for Michael at a moment's notice - they were only camped out a little way away at the Pearl. Very good stuff there, and I'd go as far to say that's one mystery solved - the person Michael communicated with on the computer was quite probably Tom.

Also as a side note, I thought I'd have to mention Lostpedia's April Fools joke. No Matthew Fox is not quitting Lost, but he is quitting smoking. We heard about the interview story and decided to selectively word the news item for April 1st to give y'all a little scare. Hope we didn't give you too much of a heart attack!!!! We're very evil.
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