Friday, April 27, 2007

Korean logo - confirms suspicions

As promised I searched looking for a meaning to those symbols. In actuality, it was a lot easier than I thought. First things first, I had to find the symbols, and drew them out as reference. Remember, they were featured in a Sun flashback as she went to see her father.

From there I used a simple online translator and used logic "well it'll probably be Automotive or even Heavy Industries", and the result was promising
Notice the three symbols that came back for Heavy Industries correspond pretty accurately with my initial sketch of the last three symbols of the logo through screencap. Now all that remained was pinning down the first symbol, obviously which I suspected was Paik. Unfortunately, Paik isn't a word, its a name, so the online translator was no good. Instead, I looked for other famous Paik's through Wikipedia. I found Nam June Paik, South Korean-born American artist. His name in Hangul? Notice the first symbol in comparison to the original sketch:

So that's it, the logo is simply Paik Heavy Industries. No big surprise, right? Well actually its bigger than you might think. A "Paik Heavy Industries" aka "Paik Motors" played a role in The Lost Experience as the company that built the Helgus Antonius ship for the Hanso Foundation. It was widely believed to be the same company as owned by Sun's father, but there was no confirmation (the surname Paik is the "Korean Jones", lest we forget Rachel Blake's words). When I heard in the ep Jin's mother refer to the company as "Paik Automotives", I immediately suspected another link, but now these symbols prove it for certain - Paik Heavy Industries from the Lost Experience, the Paik discussed in Bad Twin, it is the company owned by Sun's father.

Nice bit of detective work there :-)
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