Sunday, April 15, 2007

Episode Blog - One of Us (Version 1?)

Hey there Lost lovers. Apologies for this blog being so late, I'm actually a little unsure what's going on, as I got a message on Wednesday night from an exasperated Marik saying "I GOT THE BLOG THIS WEEK". Having not seen the episode yet, I wondered what all the fuss was about, but seeing it later I understood. It was by far my favorite episode this Season, and I loved Mitchell and Emerson - two fantastic actors together making some damn good television. Their scenes were excellent, and I thoroughly enjoyed them. But anyway, Marik was supposed to blog, but is MIA right now, so I figured I'd do a blog, and then he can do a Version 2 blog if he still wants to comment (and I wouldn't blame him).

But, to the episode, and a fantastic lead with Juliet. I think the biggest compliment I can give is that I didn't know whether to like and feel sorry for her, or hate her for being so two-faced. Guessing thats the idea really. I loved the number of times she asked Ben to go, and from the maybes and the soons, he went to the plain "No".

Let's take the flashback generally, I really liked how Juliet was so innocent at first, and then by the end her final flashback shows how she's been completely corrupted by Ben (unless she's lying to him too?). The 2nd scene was interesting, Herarat Aviation? I like the Her-A-Rat theory foreshadowing Juliet's lies hehe, though somehow I'm more drawn to other ideas.... a good one is an anagram for "Earhart" - the gal who disappeared in the Pacific, good find there Lostpedians. I wondered also what was with the "you're gonna wanna be asleep" thing, not to mention the shackles. It kinda implied the road to the Island is a little bizarre - gives weight to the whole wormhole theory or something - though I'd personally like to think its more the pressure of deep diving (call me the realist).

Relationships also seemed quite big this episode. Sawyer and Kate - who knows where they stand at the moment. And then there was Juliet and Goodwin - surprised that there wasn't any kind of sadness indication from Juliet about that, my money was more on her being with Ethan anyway. Speaking of Ethan, the explanations were pretty good about what he did to Claire, and I liked the whole showing previous episodes to make things clearer - it wrapped the mystery up nicer.

Rivalries also seemed pretty strong this week - Sayid against Jack, not to mention everyone else for that matter. I smell a mutiny coming, especially when Juliet, who Jack told everyone to trust, will betray them. Oh, and about Sayid, what did he do in Basra then? We haven't seen that yet, right? Well I guess that means he's safe from getting killed off at least for the moment! And with Sawyer, how did the Others know about him killing Duckett? Not even the police knew. Even if Mikhail did files on every passenger, how could he possibly know that, unless since boarding the Australian police linked Sawyer to the murder. Guess that gives him something else in common with Kate... wanted fugitives.

Now I gotta cover the pregnancy issue - and relay the one point I've heard from everyone I've spoke to - if all pregnant women die on the Island without Juliet's magic serum, what about Rousseau, and Ben?! Is it the conception thing - Alex was off-island conceived, and I guess its possible Ben was too. Or maybe the whole thing is a recent problem, like since the Incident (circa 1989 according to blast door map). Rousseau arrived circa 1988 so could have just missed it. The incident was an electromagnetism leak, so maybe its the radiation or something? Chill factor though, what's gonna happen to Sun?

Finally, to the implant and the ending. The implant sounds pretty straight forward I guess, simple tactic used by Ben in a long-term plan to infiltrate. I loved the ending though, Juliet amongst them all, she's fooled everyone. Got me thinking about the lies, Juliet lies more than Ben does, well as far as we know. That scene in Ben's house - "you lied to me!" - brilliant! I thought when Ben gave his word "well Ben doesn't lie".... then I remembered the entire of Season 2 lol.

So, with the final episodes on the horizon, what will happen next? Has Locke been made the new Other kid? What is the end game for Juliet's infiltration? Will we see new digs for the Others after they quit the Barracks? Will Jack start thinking with his head a little more maybe?
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