Friday, July 25, 2008

Lost panel interview (Friday)

Not the proper Lost panel - which is Saturday - but there has JUST been an hour long discussion at Comic Con with the writers. I was following live blog updates of the interview, and have not one, not two, but THREE different accounts of what was said! So thank you to DarkUFO's IOD, DocArzt's Tapdawg, and Ryan Ozawa. Be warned that any answer to a question posed by fans is potentially a SPOILER - and I warn you now there are questions and answers relating to what's to come! I will summarise after the links with some non-spoilery info, if you'd rather play it safe.

My quick summary - not a great reveal, I expect Saturday will be the big one. Little bit of info about what inspired Jeremy Bentham (prisons apparently?!). Also some talk about how for Lost, characters are the bread, mythology is the icing - so they're more interested in the people. They said some unanswered questions will stay unanswered (referencing those midicloreines from Star Wars - I'm gonna get heckled for my spelling by Jedis...). Also said about how Watchmen is such a great comic influence, yada yada. And that Hoodlum (who made Find 815) are also helping out development for this new ARG - so much for a fourth wall, one might argue! Lastly, just some general stuff about how the first three seasons were kinda more "on the spot" than "on the plan", but now an end is in sight - its "on plan" all the way!

Okay peeps, that's your lot - I've heard we may have a video to watch soon (you know the bluetooth RuckusGuy thing - well its a DHARMA hacked video apparently!). I will try and post this today if its available - but unfortunately I'm away from the Internet all weekend! The horror, I'll miss the Lost panel!!! Pity me!!! I will, however, try and get a substitute SysOp to post all the details. I really need some kind of hired help/PA... or at least a part-timer....
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