Sunday, July 27, 2008

Round-up of Comic-Con

Apologies for the absence of immediate reporting this weekend, I did try my best to get posty, but unfortunately was unable to. First off, why the weird picture, I hear you cry (unless you just really don't care). Well, (for those who do), this isn't actually one of mine, but I did sit watching the almost exact same view today and thought I'd share. It was watching this view (and I now realize the complete non-relevance to Lost this is), that I thought about how I couldn't wait to get back home, so I could get on the net and pick up all the Lost reports from Comic Con - and what had happened at the panel. I realized that I do LOVE this show, and also that I should have better thoughts when seeing such a good view... At any rate, I'm glad to be back and posting, and I just wanted to say I'm really looking forward to posting about this new ARG, and that I'm gonna do it my way, Lostpedia's way, rather than trying to near death post updates the second they are out - which has really hit me hard this week with Comic Con (the part I was actually around for anyway!). I think this should be the place for daily round-ups, which let's be honest isn't that far behind! LP is the place for info, so rather than frantic blogs I think I'm gonna stick to reporting everything that's happened in a concise "come here to get caught up" kind of way. So it'll be Speakery in nature, I guess, just without that man's quick-fire wit (and legions of followers...)

Anyway, enough of the sissy stuff, we've got news to report! Rather than embed five YouTube links, I think its much easier to link here to DocArzt, who has the whole Lost panel for all to see. I also read Doc's post about TapDawg, and I know that this is all "oh so now you say it", but gotta just add that we also here at LP appreciate that man! I mean, I was following his live blog in realtime online with some of the guys on Friday, and I really enjoyed it. Also, holding up a camera through an entire panel, the guy is a trooper! So cheers to him, as living thousands of miles away from Comic Con, this is the best that most of us have got! By the way, I have to just be all guidancy and point out, as with the last blog, anything the writers say in the panel could be spoilerific yada yada (though personally I don't see what they tell us as spoilers). You've been warned anyway, if you scare easily and are gonna start heckling me for ruining the show for you...

What about the new ARG though! I was surprised at first, thinking there was no new info. That was, of course, until I checked out the panel. And I gotta say, it mostly confused the hell out of me! I think I will embed this one:

Its great to see the Wickmund back, and to learn his real name, Pierre Cheng. Nice. And its great that we've got a bit of clarity too - it seems this new DHARMA is in response to that video, and that's why they're recruiting. Does it mean they know where the Island is though? Could they be doing this under the control of Charles Widmore (as far as tie-ins go, that would be AWESOME)? And its also interesting to see more about time travel, which I think its clear now is gonna be central to the big answers of the show - the perception of time and space itself, and all that crazy physics stuff. Finally, I'm assuming RuckusGuy is our Dan Bronsen, right? Not exactly a Rachel Blake, but hey the guy's got my support! And I'm sure he's got yours too.

Thanks for reading ;)
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