Friday, July 11, 2008

Lostpedia Book Club Confirmed

Thank you to everyone for all the messages of support for the Lostpedia Book Club which, by popular demand, will now also be known as the Lostpedia Literary League (or L³ for the "hip" among you, using the term loosely lol...) Whatever you wanna call it though, its definitely going ahead, which is absolutely awesome. I also want to quickly thank other Lost sites who've offered support and advice too, its lovely to see sites already offering book clubs or having done so in the past are so pleasant and genuinely excited about getting fans reading.

The project looks set to begin August 1st, though I'll formally announce what's happening I think a week before - I think its too early to get it going right now, and too late on the 1st as we all need time to find the book required, etc etc - so I'm holding off official announcement.

However, right now I've set up a thread on the Forums where you can "sign up" as it were. Don't worry if you don't sign up, it isn't official! It simply gives us an idea of numbers, and also responds to so many of you who asked where to sign up haha. Its also a good time to consider registering on Lostpedia Forums if you haven't already. It is obviously free, and it just
might be useful for when we do start the reading as you will be able to discuss it on there (unless you just want to join in on the live Lostpedia Chat discussion at the end of the reading period - which requires no actual registering or membership). Anyway, if you do wanna cast a vote, here is the poll link:

Thanks again guys, and I look forward to officially announcing the start of L³ soon! Oh, and thanks to BauerUK and Blackxthorne for their design and creation of the awesome logo!
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